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Mi bad english, mi fix errors as soon as mi notice them.

I just finish it, so I'm still a little speechless, not because I don't have anything to said, but the opposite, I don't know where to start, I just want to talk a lot about it, there are so many things on it and many that are rarely treated nowadays on anime in this way.

Funny thing that many shows I have loved, have a premise or something that doesn't attract me much; the life of a hikkimori, or the life of space garbage men, in this case it was the year it was made, 1979, but recommendations where all good and now I am very glad I finish it. I pretty much can said that if you have no experience with old anime the first episodes are going to be hard, but if you keep the rhythm of Rose of Versailles, is one of those stories where things get better and better and better starting from why the fuck am I watching this, and ending... just speechless.

Animation (Good) 

I think I only laugh 2 jokes they made, it isn't a comedy, but I laugh every episode. It has over-dramatization, thing I hate, and thing I mock and laugh everytime it happens. For example, they open their big beatiful eyes with a spark and give a shiny smile, here I don't have problem, but then it goes the zoom, and then they erase the background and put another full of colours, now the sparkles are not only in the eyes but all over the screen, but look now! bubbles floating in front of your eyes, if that isn't enough to make you know that I am happy how about a rainbow behind me, meanwhile in the other side of the screen -"is she happy?...oh rainbows! she is happy"-. I could go on a mock of this but that description truly happens, I also did pretend to notice she was happy when the rainbow appear, it was just exagerated I couldn't avoid reacting the same, so sometimes it was hard to take it seriously for this same reason. Although the animation wasn't bad, the characters were often still but when there was movement, it was to express what was happening and that is all I ask, they did a good job, it is not spectacular it has some flaws, but the horses are better than spice & wolf that's for sure.

Sound (Good) 

The audio was decent, many sounds were odd but you not even notice when they do things off, the voice acting is also nice, Oscar did the best imitation of a monkey screaming in the second episode, wich it is the funniest part of all, if you don't laught you don't have sense of humor. So yeah, screaming is not the thing of the characters, which is weird since Japaneses shout a lot, or maybe I was told wrong, also Oscar manly woman voice was somehow strange at times, but beside those the voice acting is enjoyable, it manage to portrait the characters as they should. And the music, it is cheesy and old, I like cheesy so that's a plus. The repertoire was not big enough but they work with it just sweet, it is repetitive enough so you recognize the songs, but not to the point that you get tired of them. They also use variations of the opening, and they did it so well that I am now I am in love of that 80's music opening, the melody most precisely, they really made it something symbolical in my point of view.

Story (Superb) 

As for the story, well what can I say, it's beyond beautiful, it is sublime, it is suberb, yes I am hyping a little bit, but maaaan, watching something like this, is hard to find, and more in anime, I really didn't expect this. There aren't fillers to begin with, it starts slowly, but it doesn't waste any time, it builds up a lot every minute, and they deliver everything just right, (except for Andre), if there is a character on screen it will develop, (except for the nanny and Andre), it is mostly dialogues and few action actions scenes, but trust me when I said this, the dialogues sometimes were so good that they are a lot more worthly than most of action scenes of shounens nowadays, It is like rule of cool in words.

The sense of honor, dignity, love and power are the most important and magnificent aspect of Rose of Versailles, those are the adjetives to describe what this show is about, honor of being part of the royalty or the nobles which is not always by doing the right actions. dignity of following your principles, love of almost every type, family, friends, romance, the country were you live. Power of money and reputation, or the opposite, being almost in complete misery, all of this adjectives are represented in grand scale. This and a lot of other aspects that a revolution can have, and you see everything of what 40 episodes can show you including a beautiful planned story in the same package.

Another thing that was just refreshing was how fearless this was, there were so many things that I was like... wow they truly present us something like that? so refreshing that I was supposed to be sad or angry or scared, and I felt happy (thing I am not to happy about), not a single bit feeling of shock factor for the sake of it, they just present harsh things with the moderation to take it seriously, just like it should be.

There are a lot of things I would like to talk, I really do, but I would spoil, things that are better to go in without knowing what is coming, It is a complete solved puzzle no deny, I could said that I wish it was made on this days, but I take a look of nowadays shows and said, nope it is just perfect where it is.

*whisper* every episode ends with a "it will continue" and you will want to watch more.

Characters (Great)

As an atheist I hope that heaven exist and that there is a section of manly people, in there Oscar-sama will be sitting next to Clint Eastwood, dear god that woman was truly heroic, she has more dignity than all the animated women characters in this year together. Not only she, all women had tons of it, it was the main focus for almost 30 episodes, women. Even Rosallie has a cool sense of dignity, if made nowadays she would be just a silly shy moe girl for the fan service. Maria Antoniette was also truly awesome even when she was pretty despicable, but beside Oscar, my favorite is with no doubt Jeanne, she is one of my favorite villains of all times (of my long 18 years). 

In general all the characters were developed enough to understand what is going on with them and I take off my hat for that, but there is one that truly get my nerves, and it was Andre. It start nice, he had development, things happen, he reacts, but there is a point where he do the same thing all the time, let's ride Oscar, let's go to a bar Oscar, Oh Oscar is in danger I need to help her, I get to the point of thinking he was just an imaginary friend of Oscar along with the nanny, but the nanny is the nanny, just for the fact of noticing her name you know you can't expect much of her, but Andre? he is like one of the most important characters on the story! and for almost 20 episodes you give me that shit of , Oscar, Oscar, Oscar. They barely focus on what he is thinking compared with all the panorama of character development that was happening with the others, I really was about to give up and consider him a waste of character, but then a pull-ass mess comes and Andre gets back and create some personality, it was actually really good but after so many episodes of him being Link saying "excuse me princess", the damage was done, so I could barely take him seriosly, but they at least give a more complete perspective of him, so even he get his part on the party.

Enjoyment (Great)

I would recommend this to anybody, but there is a warning, it is hard to watch, I watch anime on nights. Me is tired, me wants brainless entertainment, so watching this was actually hard, but if you finish it, you won't regret it, If you don't finish it, it's understandable, it has over-dramatization, it is almost an animated soap opera half of the time, and it is not brainless entertainment, every episode has lot of information and dialogues going on so is very slow-paced, but it worths giving it a try, no doubts.

Overall (Great)

10/10 story
7/10 animation
7/10 sound
9/10 characters
8.4/10 overall
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