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English is not my strong suit, however, I triple-check my grammar every time I finish a review. Any mistake should be fix a soon as I notice and any help on this matter would be truly appreciated

The Good Part

  • Animation is amazing and nostalgic.
  • The presentation is a parody of western culture and humour but at the same time a really well-made cult to the western-cartoons.
  • Both things together create a unique cartoon-anime combination that is worth to watch.

The Bad Part

  • The humour is not very well balanced, some episodes are pure win, others are not so funny.

Warning: This show contains strong black and crude humour, a lot of non-explicit nudity but some explicit as well, it also has strong language, a lot of sexual content, and a lot of repulsive crap that are gonna leave you like WHAT THE HECK? For many this was like: nope, sorry, you lost me and abandon the show in less than 3 episode, but if you actually like the weird humour, you will have a great time watching this.

Story (Good)
I grew up watching cartoons like Dexter's Laboratory, The Power Puff Girls, Johny Bravo, so when I saw the animation of this I was curious, and hearing good references I say "Why not.". It was really reminiscent of those cartoons, the episodes format is 2 episodes per program, the animation, the fast pacing. But with a extremely different focus; the show itself is not a parody of cartoons only, but a parody of the United States Culture since the show lets you know that they are in that country, Which is something very funny to watch because of the engrish cursing which I never grow tired of it: Oh Facking GOD! YU MODAFOCA beeetch, don't mess with mai.... HORY SHET. It was just awesome to hear everytime almost every minute.

But the story is kind of tricky, because we could say this is half episodic, the time is pretty limited so they have to prepare a whole comedy script that will last 13 minutes more or less, so everything is just fast-paced as hell with with no obvious sign of progress at  the beginning , so you have something  very similar to cartoons. But when the show starts going on you can see there is actually progress, as for the characters I will talk about them later, but the setting was really nice, and a lot more complex than you expect at the beginning, while saying this, please don't expect a wonderful world, it still simple and cartoonish as it looks, the thing is that the world starts revealing more and more concepts and aspects about how this chaotic and messy setting works and makes sense, compared to the majority of the cartoons (and many anime as well *cough* shounens *cough*) were they just add new stuff and new stuff that it even contradicts with things that happen before. So sweet setting they build.

Despite of having tons of elements from other creations, PSG manage to be very creative in many episodes, they show itself is very experimental, some of them were a more safe choice while others were very risky sort of "let's see how this works" and at the end it is a hit-miss, but as result every episodes is entirely new and different to the others so you have a very good variety of stories. 

There were 2 episode which I think they were pure win and want to give credit: in one the action is over the top incredibily amazing and funny at the same time, my favorite of them all. The second was more interesting than exciting, but they merge western animation with japanese at the same time and I really love that combination, this makes me reconsider watching a show called Kappa Mikey that never grabbed my attention, which is like the total opposite and same thing at the same time.

And to end this section, there is another thing I should mention... but I don't remember what was it... mmmh well I guess the one who watches this will figure it out.

Animation (Great)
Outstanding, just, simply outstanding. It's kind of funny watching fights over how the anime is better than the cartoons and that anime does not mean cartoons and all that mess people argue about that have no sense, everybody takes the conclusion they like the best at the end, and well, This anime is pretty much my stance at this dispute, being the animation one of the main topics of discussions, because yeah, in comparison, the quality of western animation sucks, (just like many forget that Disney or Dreamworks exist when they said this.) maybe is because they don't win too much or the tv industry doesn't gives them the chance, but the thing is: that doesn't mean they doesn't have the potential of doing stunning animation, because I'm sure they have it.

So the conclusion is, that this is pretty much how western animation would look if it had a lot of money and artists, the animation is fluid and dynamic as hell, the character design is pretty good and memorable, the environment and atmosphere is always right, truly a fine piece of work, whether which side is the best in terms of style, I don't care, this proves that they both are awesome in their unique way. So this is a visual cocktail so refreshing to watch between all the anime.

Sound (Great)
Voice acting are hilarious, sounds effect are sweet, and music is so stylish, buut... despite I loved the techno stuff of this Anime, beside of the opening, ending and FLY AWAY NOW, I can't remember anything else, I even have trouble trying to remember how it was, and the words "electronic music" is the only thing in my mind and this is always a down for me.

Characters (Good)
I really cant talk much about this section, they are very 1-Dimensional, but they are amazing 1-Dimensional characters, you get to know what motivates them, what they fear, how they get along with the others. The main protagonists are so entertaining and chaotic that surely are memorable. The dynamic between the sisters is really comical as well as their own personality, one is a nymphomaniac and the other is a candy lover. I also want to give credit to the main 2 villains which are the opposite of the heroes, they are as spectacular as the other sisters.

As for the episodes, there were many episodes which show different aspects of the characters so as the show goes on you get to know them more an more having at the end complete characters.

Enjoyment (Great)
To be honest, is not my favorite cartoon XD, it was pretty good, I like the humour, but is not my favorite, I remember the innocent and ingenious jokes of the old cartoons and grin, this had really clever jokes as well, but they were mostly sexual references or gross things, which I find funny, but not something I look when wanting entertaining. I would said this is not my style, but who I am kidding, if there is another show like this, I'm sure gonna watch it and I'm gonna love it, this show has a uniqueness which is certainty great.

Overall (Good)

Even Tom Kurusu appears.

7/10 story
9/10 animation
8/10 sound
7/10 characters
7.8/10 overall
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