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Paranoia Agent

Apr 26, 2013

My English is not the best, but I'm giving my best effort, any mistake should be fixed as soon as I notice, any help in this matter would be truly appreciated.

The Good Part

  • The animation is amazingly dynamic and expressive, a worthy visual delight.
  •  Symbolism and surrealism are handled pretty subtle and with great quality.  
  • Not the prize for best characters but they flesh lots of characters in very creative ways so the outcome is great.

The Bad Part

  • Even when symbolism are great, the realistic aspect appears to be lacking of details.
  • The pacing sometimes seems to be weird with giving you almost no clue were things are leading. So make you wonder if it really is going to conclude and answer your doubts.

Story (Great)
Well, it is weird, indeed. And curious thing, it is from the director of Paprika. I know there are many fans of Paprika although I didn't though of Paprika as great as many said, for me it was a crappy story disguised with awesome animation and cool surrealism, and even despite with the great symbolism the story was empty compared with everything else. Fortunately Paranoia Agent did a lot better work on this area. But let's stop comparing and see what PA did.

They weren't perfect but the symbolism and events did follow a line, a messy one, but you clearly see things growing, things moving, and in a pretty unexpected way, many things were a surprise since even when somethings seem pretty obvious, at the end It didn't happen the "obvious" you expected, and I did liked that a lot, it actually give it a sense of reality in all the crazy things that are going on the show. But what they did the best was the presentation. They could present you the story of a rat in a cage running in a wheel and make it the most creative way the can and pull something important out of it, thing it wouldn't be possible for them without using symbolism correctly.

What was a little drawback was that even if the presentation was amazing, the punchline of the events were pretty vague or delivered very slow. In many of the episodes I were like, wow this is cool, but one question, is this heading somewhere? And the answer is YES, fortunately they are heading forward, but in a very weird pacing that I wouldn't define as slow but incomplete, reason: you are having many and many events but the connections seems far from you so you are only waiting for the conclusion to finally come and solve everything since you don't have too clear where things are going.

Lets not forget about the conclusion, it was rushed and cheesy as hell and comparing with the rest of the show it wasn't as great. I do have to admit that I like it, the message was evident, the conclusion was clearly there, and they did connect the points in the past, well, most of them. This is another weak point of it, when it was about symbolism everything seems to be fit, and when they were dealing things with a realistic perspective they did a neat job, the problem is when the realism and symbolism come together, symbolism were like something tangible in this show so it becomes in a way, real, which is a cool thing... hell it is! but they don't bother to explain symbolism as something real, If there is a whale flying the answer is: well it is flying and it means the emotion of liberty but you won't fing rational explanations of it, and that ruins it for me a bit it is more like a dream than life.

-Hey I Martin, I found the love of my life.- Said Fred -Wow, really?- answer Martin -Yes, but in a dream- When Martin heard this he felt dissapointing. And that's more or less the sensation I got when they didn't care to explain and make it realistic despite of being fantasy. But Kudos for the effort and presentation.

Animation (Great)
My first impression: "Mad House, Mad House, Mad House, Mad House" *I check the studio* I knew it! I JUST FUCKING LOVE THE ANIMATION! They do what animation is meant to do, they make it realistic by playing with what makes it a cartoon. Have you seen those realistic shows where the characters are so statics pretending to be real and failing in the process. If a character here is scared, happy, sad, boring or... without expresions they would manage to present it in the most exagerated they need in order to share the emotions with the audience and still manage to keep what is happening as if it was real, so they played with everything they had, the character design is ordinary and I said this as a compliment, you have fat people, ugly people, funny looking people, old people... PEOPLE FOR GOD SAKE! you don't have the big eyes harem and dumb guy, which is not the worst thing, but after many show as that this type of shows are always refreshing, you actually see an animated society. Have to said that the surrealism of it, is just beautiful, I love it so much that It hurts me giving it a 9, buuut, sometimes despite of being presented really really nice, it could have used a little of help.

Sound (Good)
If there was something that was clearly not on pair with the other elements was the sound, voices were great that's for sure, sound was nice, but the music.... It didn't convince me much. I liked the theme of the end that was frequent in some sort of variation inside of the episode but despite that and the cool weird opening everything else did not fill me.

Characters (Great)
Well, it surely was hard, they distributed the episodes in so many characters that it should be a lot of work in dealing with them, even so, they did an incredible job in overall, all of them were presented as if you know them, some characters only take you less than 5 minutes to take sympathy, to understand what was going with them, the character presentation, after the animation, is clearly the best part of this show. (except the Shounen Bat, the episode that focus on him didn't convince me at all) However, good presentation doesn't mean they are good, which in this case... is not the case, they are wonderful. Still there were some details, some development that was missing, but with big cast they have, they have permission, or at least mine to have some mistakes like that.

Enjoyment (Great)
Well, sometimes I got a little worried and a little bored since I didn't knew how this could turn out and I had the feeling it wouldn't turn out so good since there were many things going on and give you the impressions of having 0 answers. But the fantastic characters, the splendid animation and the cool symbolism, despite how it conclude I felt satisfied with it, so worth watching.

Overall (Great)

8/10 story
9/10 animation
6/10 sound
9/10 characters
8/10 overall
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