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Azumanga Daioh

My english is terrible but I'm trying my best, if I find any mistake I will fix it as soon as I can, if you want to let me know about one, feel free to do so, I would appreciate it.

The Good Part

  •  The humour in the show always remains with a stable quality in all of his episodes so if you share the same humour this will be great for you.
  • Moe... moe? is this really moe? whathever the hell is this, has some cute (kawaii) moments, but this is actually just girls being girls, If considered Moe it's something unique since it get rids of what moe is nowadays and that is: a fucking popularity contest. So definitely good part.
  • Not a fucking popularity contest, pure slice of life of highschool girls, so it has a very nice character development since they actually cared to do that. 

The Bad Part

  • The humour biggest flaw I find is that sometimes the jokes are to damn long or they last a lot of time to give the punchline. Although these are not so frequent.
  • Animation quality can be disturbing sometimes.

Story (Good)

This was really something fresh for me, I am somehow new watching anime, just started 2 years ago. So what the industry and fans get me to understand for the word Moe is extremely different to what I watched in Azumanga Daioh. What I get by moe was first something extremely cute, then it was something cute that makes you want to protect it (tv tropes) at the end I understand current concept of moe is more a popularity contest. By this I mean not that there is an actual contest (which really exist) but character that are forced to be likeable so fans can like them for their personality rather their development, so now we have a lot of stereotypes we all are familiar with. 

So being told this was the show that start with this kind of pattern and moe thing that will be a very used theme in the future I really didn't know what to expect, but have to say this got me by surprise because the story is the dairy lives of high school girls, and nothing more, but they actually developed the dairy lives as what it is and not fan-catering, even the beach episodes didn't have fan-service as what we nowadays which is something hard to believe for me (I usually skip pool and beach episodes for that very same reason).

At the end it grows on you despite of its simplicity, of course this is not an awesome story and is not something you will remember as something that made you think about the mysteries of life, but it ends being memorable because how enjoyable it was. For what it is, the result is something well-done, you get to know what trivial things are happening but they manage to actually make you have interest on what's going on, they also don't forgot the past which is something I love in any anime, there are jokes from the very first episodes that manage to have references in the future as well for character behavior and events, so there is actual progress.

So the only thing I really can complain they did bad on the story is an episode of a cat. 

Animation (Good)

GOOD!? many will disagree with me and... I can't argue cause they probably will have very legit reasons. The reason I consider good is because I think the important part in animation is not so much about how cute everything seems, (yes, it matters, I will always hate guilty crown for that animation in such a bad story). But I think animation prime objective is to let you know what is happening. And it never feels off in here. Everything is in a very basic quality but they have a really good success with this prime objective.

Have to add that even the quality made the funny moments even funnier.

Sound (Good)

This sometimes have something I hate, and that is, people screaming. I don't mind 2 screams (that is actually pretty funny) but when they are screaming instead of speaking it is something that I have always consider annoying. Good thing this didn't happen as much as I though It will. Loud people get me on my nerves.

Music is funny and appropiate when needed, is actually pretty iconic, if I hear something in the future about Azumanga I will have an instant smile since I will know were I hear that before. But nothing big.

What I like a lot and it is something I rarely do, is the performance of the Seiyu that did Chiyo's voice, it... just... it was like the best match for a character like that, I really enjoy how the voice of that character was done. As well all the other characters has nice voice acting.

Characters (Great)

This was a tough desicion to be honest. But I give them the credit of really do a proper focus about what really high school is about, homework, holidays, exams, and most important friends in this case, all of this and without fan-catering. So the characters are really on their own, no tsundere no anything. Well maybe the super-smart girl of 10 years. But they focus all in development and comedy on the setting they had. So yes you got a pair of cute character (wich I count 3) but they are not even taken as they do now with all this moe term.

They all are developed as if they were real girls, and they actually feel like real girls, I actually know friends like that (of course not 10 years old). One of the things I like, is this annoying girl wich I my less favorite of everyone because of her personality, but they didn't wanted to make her likeable, they have their character as it was and decided to work on that, and make her interesting despite her tons of flaws, and the did it, I actually ended liking an annoying character, and that goes for all the characters, they work on what they had without adding anything off just for the sake of story fullfilment. 

So the story last 3 years inside the show, which are the 3 years of high school. What many shows have is that after 3 years it feels like they haven't grow anything at all. This was my favorite thing about Azumanga, despite of the simplicity, you really see how ther friendship is a lot more complex between them than it was in the first episodes. The one that received the main spotlight was Chiyo, wich has 10 years old at the beggining... surprising now that I think that I tend to dislike this kind of characters, it ended being my favorite cause it has a very interesting role that was performed really nice, Even when having a really different age it felt realistic (I have never met a genius little girl so maybe that's why.)

The only character I dislike is one professor, although being this a show were there are only girls the role they give to him it's understandable.

Enjoyment (Great)

Well, it coincided with my humour honestly, I think all of the episodes were extremely hilarious for me, some more than others, but the quality was always excelent for me in this area. What I also loved was the fresh air I received from this show. being the first of this type and being in its way completely different really surprise me, even when I notice a lot of lucky star jokes it still was something entirely new for me since the presentation is ,well, simple, it isn't tarnished by the media and nowadays moe. So very glad I watched this, isn't one of my favorites but I sure enjoy it.

Overall (Good)

7/10 story
6/10 animation
6/10 sound
8/10 characters
7/10 overall
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