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Mar 22, 2013

Mi Inglish Is Tirrible but I'm trying my best, so my apologies if there is any error, I should fix them as soon as I notice them. (If you let me know of a mistake I would appreciate it a lot)

The Good Part

  • Lots of Very Cool Ideas to work on.

The Bad Part

  • The ideas were barely developed.

Story (Bad)

The semi;colon franchise, in charge of doing [Insert Cool Sci-FI thing]+Conspiracy. So this time we have ROBOTS! as the cool Sci-Fi, something I was really into, due I wanted to see how would they manage to make it, the experiments, the failures, and all the process but they barely focused on that,  although it was cool most of the time of these little moments were they were working on it until the final were they sent everything to the trash.

The thing is, that this had a lot of potential, a more bigger cast than the precessors. Elements from their precessors and some cool few things more, and even the same setting! thats a huge bonus in which you can get support to write, but as more elements more you will have to develop or otherwise you will fail. and that's exactly what happened in here. They barely work on what they had. they only put together a bunch of great ideas and hoped them to work. 

Depending on what I am watching I have certain level of casualities I can enjoy. And well, being a big fan of Steins;Gate, I didn't have a problem with many that happened here since I knew what I was going to see in here being by the same creators. Until near the end were their casualities more than managing to keep the plot going forward it showed how many things they missed to elaborate since nothing was making sense! (and some casualities were just stupid, if you have already watched R;N... seriously... A PARROT!?)

So let's talk about the conspiracy which makes no sense. The purpose of the villain are... to be evil, really, that's all. As well the things that mention about him gives you the impression that hes is very powerfull but he always fail in a ridiculous way. And this happens the last four episodes all the others are about discovering in the most slow and dumb way about the plans.

The reports (Spoiler). the Evil mind makes the hero to follow Blue's Clues in order to make him know what are the plans, but the last report is a program that makes public all the reports.... which is the purpose of the Blue's Clues? he could just have make them public whenever he wanted, the only purpose I can see is just pure convenience toward the hero?  So 18 episodes were just... silly, since these public reports don't really affect later in the show, they are just to let the hero know about what is going on, all of this could have done in a lot less episodes, and use the time for things that matter, since the villain plan looks like it was done by a 8 years old.

So the story is an amount of wasted ideas, and nothing more.

Animation (Good)

Well I liked the tablets design, I think that was the thing I enjoyed the most watching this, since the augmented reality is awesome, I have being charmed by it since the moment a friend let me tried it in his Nintendo 3DS, so watching the robot parts in the tablet was the best thing for me in this show. The enviroments are nice, and I liked the character design despite many persons who didn't. What I didn't liked was the animation of the characters, sometimes their expressions were to forced and didn't help the characters to remain realistic. But no complains really.

Sound (Good)

It was mostly decent in 2 aspects, voices sometimes were cool, sometimes were annoying, sound effects as well, but the music was the one that saved the day. It was cheesy, but I love cheesy music. It manage to make me cheer up the hero despite of knowing the story was bad, it manage me to join the sillyness of the show.

Characters (Average)

Well, you certainly have very very simple main characters, I like them all of them, even the main one who many didn't like, and I even made a blog complaining about the way they complain. 

Anyway, the thing is, the main cast are just likeable and nothing more, Aki will always have a love for robots and just that, you barely see other aspects of her beside of, Aki Happy, Aki Angry, Aki Sad. The same for Kai and the rest. They feel like a fairy tales characters were they have very linear train of though, "oh, you are my prince who have come to rescue me, of course I will give you my heart without having second thoughs" this kind of fairy tales.

I even think Mizuki was a lot better than the others and she spent a lot less time in camera, (although they were using one big characater development weapon on her.) as for the support characters... they were just that, they had almost zero development. And even the important ones were bad, as the sister, which in my opinion was even painful to see how bad it was. So... there isn't much to say in this area, maybe an "Aki is so happy that cheers you up everytime you see her" (and when she is not doing dumb speeches). but nope, nothing more to say.

Enjoyment (Average)

Well, against C;H this is clearly a huge point for R;N, when in the first you were banging your head against the table since the show was never ending despite of being 13 episodes (of only boredoooom), Here at least you have an entertaining slice of life, that doesn't  make you say, RETURN ME THE HOURS I WASTED YOU... BASTARD.

Overall (Average)


3/10 story
7/10 animation
7/10 sound
4/10 characters
5.2/10 overall

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adriande2 Apr 1, 2013

I'll have to agree almost completely with this review. I jumped on this series because I really liked Steins;Gate as well but ended up finding plain characters, bad pacing, story elements that didn't even matter, and a very uneventful ending.