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Tokyo Magnitude 8.0

Mar 13, 2013

Mi Inglish Is Tirrible but I'm trying my best, so my apologies if there is any error, I should fix them as soon as I notice them. (If you let me know of a mistake I would appreciate it a lot)

The Good Part

  • The music was beautiful.
  • It delivers a great message in somehow unexpected way.

The Bad Part

  • Despite of the great message the show goes pretty slow before they can show you the real colors of it, and it is done pretty rushed when that happens. 
  • Animation sometimes makes the characters look lifeless.

Story (Good)

I always have trouble with this kind of stories; disasters and how people deals with it, I had liked so few of them. The thing is, that most of time is a 2 path writer choice,

1) he decides to make everything so damn fucked and depressing that at the end you want to shot your head cause life sucks.

2)The writer decides that the main protagonist are gonna be a lucky bastards, and he is gonna make them go through a lot of situations were they face death in order to make the audience go shocked while he is laughing his ass off cause he know they are going to survive the whole way.

And I always wonder what was that they want to demonstrate, obviously writer 1 wants to show life sucks, but for 2 it is always how people learn to appreciate their lifes and all that surround them, family, friends, neighbours...dogs, I don't know, there are tons of things. But if you choose the ones who didn't lost a single thing, the message is kind of ruined, I always have interested about those who are in despair, what is going to be about them, how they deal with all "X" situation, but instead I am watching the people that learns the easy way. If anyone were in the place of the lucky bastards it would be easy to appreciate things, but otherwise I don't know how the heck would I react, for that reason I would like to see their story I would actually learn something of the not so lucky people.

So the ones that I have liked are the writers 1.5, the ones that focus on both things, those are the ones that nail the message. And now, did Tokyo Magnitude had success?... just a little.

It started pretty interesting, but it soon took the path 2, and with such a slow pacing. I was stopping to enjoy it since I didn't see any progress at all, until the near the end were the finally care to give a message in proper way, that was really good, but rushed as hell. And somehow that piss me off, I watch a lot of scenes of fake danger that they could have had spent on the message instead of shocking the naive audience. Although, in other hand they took a advantage of path 2.

Have to add something that I can't keep this to myself, there was a scene that I consider one of the most stupid scenes I have seen, there was this teenager that was in an office of one of the characters, her excuse was: I wanted to clean the place before you got here, or something along the lines, and the character just laugh, after this there is a replica... yeah sure, cleaning is more important than my FUCKING LIFE!... I just... I JUST...* let's go to the animation section.

Animation (Good)

Look at those awesome ruins, they are just so realistic! or the weird 3D robots and machines, they also pretty cool, and the charact.... nope they are just silly. Not that they are terrible, sometimes they manage to express themselves with their simple body and face expressions, but many times they feel static and almost lifeless.

Unfortunately most of the static and lifeless animation went to one of the main characters: "Mari" most of her movement was unrealistic, it was like a bad actress trying her best to perfom a character but failed, have to add that her lips always bothered me, it was like watching a duck, or in better words, uncle dolan.

Sound (Good)

First with the good part, MUSIC! not the best but really well done, if it weren't for it I would have stop at the middle cause of the slow pacing, many things were too obvious but the music really put me in the mood of what was happening, it accomplish its objective.

Sounds was good, I never find something odd, characters voices were okay, the main character "Mirai" nailed her character as well as his brother but there was one that wasn't good.

Mari... yes, again her, and the same thing, if it is like if a bad actress was trying so hard but still... nothing, I just can't feel empathy cause she sounds fake to me.

Character (Average)

Both of the kids were amazing in terms of credibility and the girl had a neat development, she really take the spotlight on this show! but there was someone who overshadow her achievements.

don't take me wrong, I don't hate Mari, she is actually a very imporant character and a very good idea for a character role, but the way they present her was terrible, not the animation, not the voice, and neither the dialogues were right, she was written so careless, I really tried to understand her but... it really feel as if was someone reading saying a script from memory and not like if it was actually a character, she really killed the feeling for me most of the time.

Enjoyment (Average)

Well, I have mention a lot of things of why I don't like too much this kind of stories, most of the times they are really boring for me, and this one was not only boring but slow, however it was the end the one that caught my attention and for that I really feel glad I watched all of it. Although not my kind of watch.

Overall (Average)

*I just... okay it isn't one of the most stupid scenes but I face palm everytime I think of it.

6/10 story
6/10 animation
7/10 sound
4/10 characters
5.4/10 overall
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