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Feb 3, 2013

Mi Inglish Is Tirrible but I'm trying my best, so my apologies if there is any error, I should fix them as soon as I notice them.

The Good Part:

  • Animation is so stylish!
  • Sounds weird, but it is actually a good part, the fanservice has a relevance to the characters.
  • The characters were great on a hopeless plot.

The Bad Part:

  • I really like this part, but a lot of people find it annoying, that is, the characters are talking all the time and sometimes about things that aren't so relevant.
  • This show is just good because the fan-service and the animation, without this all, most of character flavor will disapear, and the story is nothing.

Story (Bad)

A vampire, a lame one, like those of twilight but less absurd, the only thing that makes him a vampire is that he regenarates and he attracts girls who have being possesed by creatures like cats or snails and this isn't comical relief, even if it sounds silly it is actually something serious. The vampire, who is really the classical boy who is a little insecure and naive; feels like helping all these girls to get rid of the diabolical spirits. Despite of having his Harem he chooses his girl in the very first episodes.

So that's it.... No matter how I see it, it is bad, except some cool symbolism and interesting mythologies. but thinking better, If you have a girl with lots of courage it would be possessed by a lion, so the girl would star biting people and growl, that's how the this anime works, they give the burden to the character so he is in charge of everything.

Animation (Great)

I watched a trailer of Nekomonogatari and my first thoughs were, this looks like a pretentious shit but the animation is so beautiful.... I must.... resist.... oh, before this goes Bakemonogatari... must... resist... Okay I have time. I don't regret it at all, all the time I was having a visual delight. It was minimalistic most of the time but I was always amazed despite of the simplicity that sometimes it has. This is a lot of factor of taste to be honest, I'm pretty sure many won't agree that is that awesome, but it is good that is for sure. 

I would go for superb but, it really isn't that great, some people didn't liked some flashes of colors and phrases, I actually like them, but it's totally comprehensible that many would be annoyed by this. Have to add that sometimes they use very static  images while there are tons of dialogues on the background and this last for a lot of time, which I count as it biggest flaw on this area.

Character desing was very good, they are all simple but unique and stylish! so they manage to have a very memorable image.

Sound (Good)

5 openings, that's a good thing for a show of 13 episodes. Other than this, the music was always fitting, it wasn't exelent but  most of the time I was like "Hey I like this background music, it is cool", Sounds is also very well done despite of not having many uses since the characters are almost always speaking.

And well, a show were everyone speaks all the time, it would be terrible if they had bad voice actors, but, they were great, a little cheesy but so as well the characters. I never got tired despite of so much dialogue.

Characters (Good)

For what it was, the characters did a phenomenal job. You have almost no story and this wasn't a slice of life since it always followed a lame plot . This was the only key to make it good and they take it... with FAN SERVICE!... really?... Oh YEAH! I'm not really a fan of the fan-service, I really hate it most of the times, but this time it wasn't just for the fanboys to get excited and buy a lot of figurines for "unknown" reasons (yes, it is in part adressed for that kind of audience.) but it also affected the characters, all the sexual details stand out the characters personality, every ecchi scene the girl reacted according to her personality and to the situation, and the ecchi scenes were allways detonated by the plot. Could they make this show good in different ways? nooooooo, it is a man surrounded by 5 girls and nothing of story, it is logic that there is some sexual tension between them, why take it away, that would destroy it. But, despite of using fan-service, they at least make it subtle, for an ecchi show (there is a scene with a loli almost naked so don't take my "subtle" so literal). What I mean is that they don't bring it up everytime, if they are talking about a train they don't focus the camera on the boobs, but a train, so this Fan-Service was most of the time plotwise.

Okay... After expressing my feelings about how fan-service can be good I have to add some other  factors that help the character, and it was... the dialogue, they are always talking, and even when they are talking about boring stuff, the way they talk really makes you to understand the character behaviour, the conversation barely sound forced since the characters are rarely out of character and just following the conversation just like you would do with a person when you are giving your opinion about how fan-service can be good. It ends being your opinion and not the opinion of the author.

And the openings, there were 5 openings, one for each girl, the music and the animation were for you to understand more about the character point of view of her life. So they give you three big factors to make great characters, unfortunately they are all stereotypes, despite that, they were made to be memorable. Congratulations for surviving a stupid plot.

And one important thing I forgot to mention, this is a quite interesting harem since it is not the classic were everyone is in love with the main character. And the few ones that are in love with him have valid reasons so Kudos for that.

 Enjoyment (Average)

If it wasn't by the visual delight this anime had, I would have never finish it, is not that bad, but it has nothing more to show, the characters manage to survive but despite of this they aren't that good, so beside animation there is only one reason someone would stay watching this, and it is fan-service (I had to admit, it awake my kinky side a little) but still, I am no really into fan-service.

So the show is entertaining but at the same time is meh.

Overall (Good)

3/10 story
8.5/10 animation
7/10 sound
7/10 characters
6.1/10 overall
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Jehowi Nov 21, 2013

Great review.