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Kino's Journey

Jan 23, 2013

Mi Inglish Is Tirrible but I'm trying my best, so my apologies if there is any error, I should fix them as soon as I notice them.

The Good Part: 

  • Pretty charming little stories with pretty interesting details that make you to think for a while.

The Bad Part: 

  • The stories last just one episode (except one) so even if they were are good they become superficial since they don't really affect the rest of the story, so there is no really a deep development.
  • The pace is extremely slow, one reason is that it lacks of music, most of the time I was begging for them to put one of their songs of their poor repertoire, the other is that the characters are one-dimensional since it don't focus on their "main" character but in the "support" ones who end being the protagonist just for one episode so there is not really time to develop them, all of this makes it hard to you to feel sympathy for the character, so it turns boring even when the stories are interesting.
  • Kino seems to be a cool character, and it's quite likeable, as well as Hermes (It's a motherfucking speaking motorcycle, how would it not be cool), despite that, the development they receive is lame, they are just witness of the stories and nothing more... wait, Kino is super-girl that can defeat the most experience assasins by just doing a pathethic try of Ocelot Spinning Guns every morning.

Story (Average)

Well, cool bedtime stories about a beautiful dystopian world. They all have their cool things, the problem is that they are so rushed, that you feel cheated somehow since it feels like an uncomplete plot, and even so the paced feels slow, but well, that's what this anime about, travelling and knowing others culture and stuff, just as a turist, even if you learn others stories and life-style you won't know what really is until you live the same thing as them. In few words this is a cool story bro show.

Animation (Average)

The character desing is made by the one who did Lain's one, the expressions do look the same despite of being another drawing style. Beside Kino (who kind of looks like Lain) not a single character design was memorable, all were generic. And all the countries they visited were all Renaissencel, Medieval, and Roman buildings with people dressing colonialism clothing, and some robots thingys. Some special effect of guns and explosions, but nothing amazing.

Sound (Bad)

As I said before, the lack of music was something that makes it feel really tedious. And the few ost didn't help too much. The opening was chessy and forgetable, the ending was a cool instrumental song that I don't remember, I just remeber I like it. Some voices were good some others were a little anoyying... there is nothing much to say about this area since it doesn't have much.

Characters (Average)

Is not that they did something bad, well... they did with Kino, but the concept of the story doesn't leave to much for developing characters, I mean, A traveler goes to a country and the citizens tell everything about their lives to a totally stranger, how do you expect to take them serious when they are machines which main function is to tell what they have experience. And when I talk about Kino, is that it looks that she is a really baddass traveler but all that the show tells you about her past doesn't explain anything about why she is like that, at the end she just end being THE TRAVELER, so the award for the best show character goes to Hermes the motorcycle.

Enjoyment (Average)

The concept was made to give you entertaining little stories and it does it just fine (just the lack of music make it bad) but beside that there is not much this show can offer. The only thing I would have liked to see was more development about Kino, or more relation between countries, which they were but they were pretty unrelevant to the story. Have to add that even if the stories were interesting they can be easy forgotten.

Overall (Average)

Hilarious Ocelot spinning guns couldn't be missing 

5/10 story
5/10 animation
3/10 sound
4/10 characters
4.4/10 overall

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