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I have watched anime since I was pretty young maybe since elementary school or close to it. The first anime I watched would probably have been Pokémon or Dragon Ball Z but I really do not consider those the first since I did not know they were anime at the time.

I have no preferences towards anime and will watch pretty much everything and almost never drop any anime. Also I tend to watch a lot of Action/Ecchi/Harem/Comedy/Romance type anime though it really is just a coincidence.

I've seen a few other people do this so i thought why not.

My Anime Ratings System:

0.5- Horrible anime to many reasons to count.

1.0- Bad anime almost nothing interesting at all about it. 

1.5- Bad anime but there are some interesting things in it.

2.0- Halfway decent anime still did not interest me.

2.5- Decent anime might recommend depending on preferences but don't expect anything special from it.

3.0- Pretty Decent anime I liked it overall but it did not wow me.

3.5- Good anime only a few really good moments in it the rest was just normal.

Anything rated 4.0+ I would most likely recommend depending on people's preferences.

4.0- Usually these are the anime that I loved but had bad endings, others are just anime that are really good but don't have anything to give it that extra 1 star.

4.5- Excellent anime the endings are not bad but I would have prefered it differently.

5.0- Some of the best anime I have seen loved the ending, characters, storyline, everything!

That is more or less my ratings system, if you did not notice anime with endings I don't like automatically lose .5 or more stars depending on how bad it is.

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Serpico says...

Well I can be a pretty big airhead sometimes. I somehow missed your last message thinking it was the last message I had replied to because in my mind it looked like the same block of text. And with it having vaguely the same aspect as that last text I had replied to I didn't bother reading until right now when I noticed it was a bit different...turned out to be a whole different message...Imagine that...

Yes you should definitely watch/read Berserk when you get the chance. Dunno if you should go straight to the manga though. The anime may be a bit old but it's still great if you haven't read the manga. It will also provide you with a neat soundtrack to which you can read the manga. And if you watch the anime you too can experiece the awesome cliffhanger at the end of the series! Biggest cliffhanger in any anime I can remember... My first reaction after having finished the series was something like the first comment in this video... I desperetly scoured the internet in search of a continuation but to my great dismay there was none, and so I ended up going for the source instead, namely the manga... fun times...

As for Elfen Lied, you have to watch it. If anything because YOU want to watch it. Screw what other people tell you, if you wanna see what the show's like who cares what other people say. You should see for yourself if you like it or not. This of course applies to everything else. And while I lot of people may not have liked EL there are also a lot of people, such as myself, who did like it. Sure EL has some gore, but it's not that bad. Unless you're very sensitive to gore, I guess. Are you?

Sorry for not having helped with your MangaMeeya problem...but you fixed it in the end so it all works out :D ...I have no idea why it would give you an error though...pretty much all you have to do is extract the program from the archive and just drag manga archives into the even works if you drag the archives over its icon...or you could go the longer route with open file etc etc...

You should probably send me a PM when you want a faster least those are harder to ignore...haha...

May 1, 2011
Serpico says...

Berserk is a great dark fantasy title. It has one of those stories that you can easily find yourself obsessing over. The author's art has also improved greatly over the years and at this point I think it's safe to say Berserk's artwork is one of the best out there. Speaking of which, Berserk is also getting a remake after some 13 years. There's a movie coming out this summer and after that I think they'll adapt the rest of the story as an OVA. I'm not sure exactly about the latter though... Really popular series do indeed get remakes, In Berserk's case the creator wouldn't allow one until recently... But not all series are as fortunate. FMA:B is a very accurate adaptation of the manga, though the first series has better character development since FMA:B powered through the first part 20(?) something episodes that both series share...and then it goes off and does its own thing...

As for why studios change things...I agree with you that they should stick to the original storyline...but we can't help it :P ...There is one instance where I liked the anime better than it's manga counterpart, Elfen Lied. But that's my exception to the rule...

And now to answer your question: It depends on what manga you're searching for/where you're searching for it etc... For example there's a torrent for Air Gear on BakaBT with the first 28 volumes, but after that I guess you'd have to visit the scanlator's site for the rest (since they only upload finished arcs for incomplete series)...You could also check out nyatorrents...they sometimes have the manga you're searching for... It's not all that hard to download the volumes individually though, so don't be a lazyass...

Apr 26, 2011
Serpico says...

Don's sweat it, it was pleasure to be of help. I wouldn't say I'm all that knowledgable since this is actually pretty basic info, or so it feels at this point. I pretty much started out just as you did with OM, but, yes, this is how I read all my manga at this point and how I read most of them by now.

I know the feeling of wanting more from an anime after it ends all too well. In fact this is how I started reading manga, then again Berserk had that effect on a lot of people. The thing with anime adaptations of manga is that the mangaka holds little to no power over the adaptations, it's pretty much all the studio. Sometimes manga get adaptations while they're still ongoing so the studio either goes for an original anime ending or leaves it open ended. And then there's the problem of sales, where if an anime does poorly a continuation is very unlikely. It's complicated stuff. That said, there are a lot of titles out there, witch such great stories, that will never get an anime adaptation,  that would give some of your favorite titles a run for their money. Well, you'll see for yourself...

Anywhoo...have fun reading your mango and if you really have trouble finding a title don't hesistate to ask for help...

Apr 25, 2011
Serpico says...

Aye, it has better quality. I guess you could say reading manga online is kinda like streaming. You won't have to wait for the next page to load if your net is acting up or if the respective site is working slow...and if I remember correctly OM resized their images to save bandwidth... Not to mention sites like OM make money from add revenues off fanmade scanlations made for fans *shakes fist* ...that aside, I find the experience to be much more enjoyable reading manga on your PC with MangaMeeya... Well, you should try for yourself and see if it suits you...

While you're at it check out Manga Updates, which is great for tracking manga releases and finding the groups that scanlate various manga... BakaBT has a great collection of completed manga... Or if IRC is more your thing (though I kind of doubt it is :P) there's always #lurk, though I'm not sure if they restored all their content...

Anyway, there's a whole lot out there for you to just have to search a little...

Apr 23, 2011