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Detroit Metal City

Dec 20, 2012

Detroit Metal City or DMC for short, is a 12 episode OVA by Studio 4c. Each episode is relatively short (about 13 minutes a piece) so the entire show can be finished in one sitting of about two and a half hours, of which all of it provides plenty of humor.

DMC is the story of Soichi Negishi, a young man who moves to Tokyo in hopes of becoming a Pop musician, however he instead becomes Krauser II the lead singer of a rising indie death metal band known as Detroit Metal City. Thus the comedy ensues as Negishi struggles to live his normal lifestyle, only to have Krauser pop out at the most inconvenient times. 

As far as the storyline goes, there really isn't much even for such a short series. As soon as you think something is progressing it is quickly negated by something else, as the series mainly gets by on laughs rather than plot and development which isn't always abad thing. Throughout the series you find yourself noticing many similarities to how problems are solved or created wether it be Krauser dry humping someone (or something for that matter), beating them in a "Battle of the bands type contest", or just screaming vulgarity at them . The comedy provided sort of balances the lacking development and storyline progression. If vulgarity isn't something you find funny on a consistent basis then the comedy of the show may diminish as you continue with the series.

As for animation, the art style while not the greatest and looking a bit like I would imagine the manga, I find it somewhat complimentary to the tone of the show, which in my opinion helped me enjoy it a bit more.

The music for the series was one of my favorite parts and probably the most memorable.
From the uncouth music of DMC, to the more upbeat pop music that Negishi plays on the side I just find it all catchy regardless of the hilarity in the lyrics. 

Apart from Negishi and his alter ego, the only other characters I found to draw attention to them instead were the President of Death Records who nonchalantly reiterates how turned on she becomes when Krauser does crazy things, and a DMC fan who repeatedly makes appearances coincidently where Negishi happens to be and causes him problems. Apart from them the other characters while seemingly significant, such as the other band members and Negishi's college crush Aikawa, do not really contribute much to the series. While the series is short I was still disappointed in the lack of development in anyone but Negishi.

Aside from the lack of development in storyline and supporting characters, I enjoyed the
music and all the crude humor it provided, as I believe anyone who isn't appalled by
vulgarity would enjoy it as well.

4/10 story
6/10 animation
9/10 sound
6/10 characters
7/10 overall
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