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RedCrossRobbery Oct 30, 2011

I enjoyed TtT alot actually. I found it to be very entertaining in fact. I just thought that they made too many rookie mistakes, and dampened what could have been a genuinely excellent anime. Was still worth watching though, just not something to be taken seriously (Being that it wasn't always a serious anime anyway, heh)

dgmikep Oct 26, 2011

I was expecting for more when i seen your name... and by more i mean watched anime...

TheAngelofDeath Oct 23, 2011

Sorry I meant to awnser you back as soon as possible but things got mixed up pretty nicely over here.

I'am currently doing a news beat on an organization called the FFA I just finished the news beat and it will proubly air on the news sometime next week. I just hope it doesn't turn out to be a read only and they don't show the video I worked hard to shoot. That would be a shame =\.

Btw looking for new anime to watch, I just finished an anime called "Freezing" its pretty good, action packed, naked chicks (uh-oh!) and plenty of comedy. I love animes that have both a serious plot and a bunch of funny side stories to the side. :P

TheAngelofDeath Oct 17, 2011

How have you been? havn't had much time to talk to anyone sense i've been making videos for the news. But now hopefully I'am back on a little more now!

TheAngelofDeath Aug 26, 2011

I got an animated dancing moe girl (acting as a bear) as my avatar......

I think life just got better.