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TheAngelofDeath says...

whoa... Whoa I said.... WHOA Man.. I SAID WHOA WAIT UP A MINUTE!!!! *train comes to a complete sudden stop and throws everyone foward into their seats and out the windows*

I Love the way you posted your comments on the 200th anime I should of watched and I completely understand, That really is a great show (wait isn't it a movie too??) to watch and its really funny.

I think I'm planning on making something on my profile about how I rate anime and why I do, so do look foward to that!

-Stay Golden bro..!

Nov 7, 2011
TheAngelofDeath says...

Looking for my  200th anime to finish watching any recommendations??


Nov 5, 2011
TheAngelofDeath says...

Thanks a lot dude!

Btw i've got two more moving avatars I would like to try out before its all said and done. I'm looking for time to make some of my own in premiere but i have to do that at school in my media tech classroom so it gets a bit stingy.

Look foward to my next avatars I suppose, stay golden MrAnime :)

Nov 1, 2011
xenesis says...

Thanks for the anime recommendations. I just saw the first episode of Ga-Rei Zero, and thought it was great; kind of reminded me of Darker than Black as well as Bleach.


Nov 1, 2011
TheAngelofDeath says...


Wahaha! Happy Halloween!

Oct 31, 2011