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TheAngelofDeath says...

*throws pillow at face*

I only kid you, your not actually boring haha!

I noticed today that there was only a single Anime that you rated with 5 stars out of all the Anime's you had only your list. *puts pillow on head* and Clannad wasn't one of them!

I've read your rating's and understand your thoughts and feelings about the Animes you rate, but for the sake of my most beloved Anime. Care to tell me what kept you from giving Clannad or Clannad Afterstory its (what I believe to be) its five star rating?

On another note I did watch this really horrible Anime called Ayakashi its pretty bad story and the Anime itself skips around and characters you don't even know appear in the next episode and EVERYONE SEEMS TO THINK THATS NORMAL! Did I miss something?..... I hope not, but it had a happy ending which always makes me happy so I gave it a half more of a star for pity points. :)

Cya later and Stay Golden!

Nov 14, 2011
puriful says...

Haha! Since you don't watch TV you don't have to pay for cable!! Benefits of anime :D

Hi, I'm Puriful by the way :) Nice to meet you 

Nov 13, 2011
SinTheory says...

Hey, you seem like a pretty awesome guy (Very similar to me in some aspects) and though i would drop by and say hi!!!! :D

Nov 13, 2011
TheAngelofDeath says...

My 200th anime turned out to be a show called GoSick its pretty..... awesome!

Anything happen lately? (better be interesting or i'll throw some pillows at you!)

Nov 11, 2011
TheElricKNIGHT says...

Hey glad you liked my AMV!

Im really starting to love this site!! 

Nov 9, 2011