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I suppose you came to this little part of the Anime-Planet website to find out more about me, well for starters my real name is DaVon pronounced like [Day – Von].

I’m a computer graphic artist, more specifically a general modeling hobbyist that outputs 3D art whenever I want it out of my head and onto a screen or a poster of some sort for personal reasons. I plan on becoming a freelancing 3D artisit just to see where my skills will take me. I remember starting 3D graphics because I always want to make a bunch of space scenes.

Here's one of the images I've done when I first started:

Mars HDR

Right now, It's been a while since I've done any space scenes, currenlty I now model just about anything.

As for anime, I’ve been hooked onto it since the summer of 2010. Before then, I was one of those who only seen the main stream titles like Bleach, Death Note etc. The way I was gotten into Anime was by a lucky catch of the commercial of an old one I used to watch. I remember flipping through channels on my TV and came across the Funimation channel while they were showing the commercial for “Case Closed”, I used to stay up late to watch it back when they aired it one Adult Swim some time ago. So after I've seen the preview of it on that channel, I stayed on it for the day waiting for it to come on, As it continued showing other series I never seen before but gotten into. "Beck" was one of them


Eveyone has a rating system... I did too! At one point... but then I thought it sucked and deleted it. I plan to put it back up one day!


In the mean time, just know the anime I rated 5 stars rules.




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BungalowBud avatar BungalowBud

Thanks! ^_^

Dec 7, 2011

YEO! Thank you for the kind greetings. In regards to your query...It is his, as yours is his, as yours is mine, and it is ours together.

ItsumoHitori avatar ItsumoHitori


Dec 4, 2011

yomi kicks lot of ass. have you read the manga? from what i've heard the anime is a prequel to it, i think

ItsumoHitori avatar ItsumoHitori

You Rock!

Nov 27, 2011

Yeah, it's fantastic so far. Who was your favourite fighter? I love the guy who has suitcase-minigun, genius idea for a weapon

TheAngelofDeath avatar TheAngelofDeath


Nov 25, 2011

OMG! what are these user bars that I see you have in your profile?


btw (unrelated to anime) I just watched Freddy Kruger vs Jason that was about one of the top 10 most goreiest things i've ever seen in my life >_<

Glad I didn't have nightmares about it though, Freddy might of gotten me if I did HAHA!!

So how have you been lately?

blackkaze avatar blackkaze


Nov 21, 2011

im doing good and how about you

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