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SadisticTendencies says...

Hello there! Life's fine so far since I attend a mediocre school with super-amazing students and get to read lots of subjects I enjoy! Oh and going back to London in October, I'll be poor again but it's so worth it!

What about yourself Mr Anime? ANd did you watch any good anime lately? :3

Sep 5, 2012
TheAngelofDeath says...

wow 300th Anime? GRATZ! haha I've still got a bit of a way to go to catch up to you Sensei haha!

Btw even though it says I've watched 200 something Anime for about a total of 2 months of my life. I've rewatched soooo many Anime several times that I'm pretty sure that it's actually at 3 and a half months haha! Ever rewatch Anime series?

---Stay Golden

Dec 15, 2011
TheAngelofDeath says...

Btw just incase you didn't notice, I did write my first blog and it contains my Favorite Anime Characters *both Male and Female* and you should check it out if you have the time to!

---Stay Golden

Dec 13, 2011
TheAngelofDeath says...

OMMMGGG!! I need my Romance satisfied right now! I really really REALLY feel like watching a good Romance Anime right now, short or long I just need something right now!

can you help me? Ttyl :)

Dec 11, 2011
Kico7 says...

Hello, may i call you Mr A?

And lol, well, Greetings from Brazil, i loved clannad too, and i too cried a lot in ep 16 of After Story and loved this:

Tissue boxes, lol.

Dec 9, 2011