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EminemLikesAnime says...

Really appreciate the warm welcome.  

Aug 26, 2011
KathrinGreenwood says...

Ha! Thanks. I don't think I'm that annoying. I can be sometimes though. I'm going to fix that up soon too. And no, I'm no troll. Well, I can be sometimes, but I choose not to be.

Aug 26, 2011
fenixdown110 says...

Thanks. It's actually been a while since I've updated my computer specs. Thanks for reminding me to update now. lol

Aug 22, 2011
TheAngelofDeath says...

"How do you feel about the English Dub vs Sub War?"

Sad to say but iam on the Sub side.... No WAIT DON"T SHOOT!! hear me out.

I say that for one reason "VOICE" I just think that a lot of the dubs don't really put their voice into the character too much. It sounds like they are struggling to try to sound a bit serious at times, it kind of annoys me. Clannad for instance on the dub, during moments when like something serious would happen their crying sounded like laughing and at some points blowing their nose?..........

Anyway MOST not all, Japanese actors put some feeling and emotion into their characters voices and give the Anime its own voice. Give it that last finishing touch to be a very beautiful anime.....

WAIT! WAIT! Iam not trying to change your opinion, just wanted to let you know what I thought of it since it was on my mind. Catch you later! (srry for the long message!) >_<

Aug 22, 2011
TheAngelofDeath says...

Thanks you seem to be quite the guy! oh and LOVED CLANNAD! best anime ever! (my educated opinion tho)

OH MY GOD! you have seen a large number of anime yourself eh?! AWESOME! I don't think I could possibly match those numbers any time soon >_<

Love your profile and I would love it even more if you remained as my friend dude!

Aug 22, 2011