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Background: Boring info about me, so read at your own risk!

Well I guess I'll start off by saying that I'm sarcastic, overly opinionated, realistic, very straight to the point, and I have an extremely dark sense of humor. The first animes that I finished were Read or Die, and Cyborg: 009, but it wasn't until Naruto started playing on Toonami that I started getting into the whole anime deal. Ever since, I've been watching shows of all genres, and have seen over 300 different animes. As of now, I'm a huge fan of all Type-Moon works (especially Fate and Tsukihime), and I generally love the Moe genre (sadly). That's about everything you need to know, but if for what ever reason you'd like to know more, just ask me! Oh... and one more thing: People need to STOP supporting fan-subs, they are RUINING the anime industry! Either watch your shows on sites like Crunchyroll, or just buy them... Seriously...

Ratings: My Ratings are based mainly on my enjoyment of the series. Complexity and quality do play a role in it, but my enjoyment has the biggest impact.

In this section I'll list what the ratings mean to me and I'll give at least two examples of shows that fit the criteria. Note: I only rate shows with full numbers (meaning no 2.5 or 3.5 ratings), this way I can more easily differentiate shows I like vs. those I don't. Also remember that just because I gave a show a bad rating (3 or lower), it doesn't necessarily mean that I don't like it, it just means that it wasn't as good as other shows...

5 - It was perfection in my eyes, this is the reason why I love anime. It takes a lot to get this score, so when I do rate something with a 5, take note.

Example: Mnemosyne and Bakemonogatari

4 - I really enjoyed the show, but because of little annoyances, or lack of depth, I couldn't in good faith give it a 5. These shows were good, maybe even great, but they were not amazing. While not perfect, these series should still not be overlooked. I recommend each show with a score of 4 or above.

Example: Cowboy Bebop and Durarara!!

3 - If it was just a little better at presenting itself it could have been more than what it was. These shows have a lot of wasted potential and it's a shame, because they were enjoyable for the most part. 

Example: Neon Genesis Evangelion and Texhnolyze

2 - These shows must have taken some serious thinking to come up with (sarcasm). Almost no redeeming qualities are present, and the series themselves are easily forgotten. While very mediocre in quality, the show itself isn't terrible. If I wasn't experienced in anime, I would enjoy these shows. Luckily I know better...

Example: Desert Punk and Sword Art Online

1 - An utter atrocity of a show, either through the ground-breaking stupidity of the characters, or the unoriginality/lack of anything that could be considered plot. Whoever made these shows should be ashamed of themselves. Only people who are new to anime, or intense weaboos would enjoy these series. 

Example: Excel Saga and Fairy Tail also Queen's Blade

 Additional random info:

Favorite Bands: Most people would say my taste in music is bad, but then again, fuck them. 

Favorite (non-animated) Movies: I don't usually enjoy movies, they tend to be too short to have any meaningful development. With that said, these are my favorites.

Favorite T.V. Shows: The non-animated kind... DERRRRR

Current Favorite Characters:

What I think about those who claim "Nihilism isn't a bad thing":

  1. A nihilist would never ask (or care) if something is a 'bad thing'.
  2. For someone that "argues that life is without meaning, purpose, or intrinsic value", do you think your argumentative responses to those who disagree with you support or contradict those assertions?
  3. When you argue with somebody who disagrees with your views, is that because you are attempting to defend your 'values' such as "life is without value" and overall amoralism?
  4. A self-professed "amoralist" forfeits any philosophically credible position from which to declare "objectivity is evil".
  5. The self-proclaimed nihilist disproves the proclamation by eating a sandwich, in fact, the self-proclaimed nihilist disproves the proclamation by making the proclamation. It is after all 'without meaning or purpose' - Only those that philosophically affirm meaning and purpose can with credibility, apply such values as categorical names and definitions. 
  6. The nihilist cannot call the nihilist a nihilist without catastrophically contradicting the fundamental assertion that all is without meaning, purpose and value.

LASTLY) (Just because I hate subjectivity that much) I can prove you, and any other existentialist that insists 'reality is subjective' indisputably wrong without so much as one word in the argument by simply striking you all in the face with a brick. (Think about it.) In addition, you all prove yourselves wrong by eating a sandwich. The existentialist proves reality is objective by attempting to convince me that reality is subjective, after all, if reality truly is subjective, then it doesn't matter whether I know it or not, does it? At this point, you 'win' this argument by -- never -- speaking -- another -- word -- in -- this -- argument.

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bw753bw Dec 13, 2012

Mozuri, thanks for the information on the so called "group" that we both knew or know well. To fill you in on some past, after i had left the "group" a long time ago, I had much time to overthink exactly what this situation was regarding everyone involved in this "group" of people.  In terms of preference, I found that obviously, in the end, the people who we met online did not prefer the people who knew eachother in real life (in our situatiion). On that remark, I had come to the conclusion that they; in the long run, had set a goal to turn us against eachother as profoundly as possible. Not having any knowlage of this as the circumstances were back then, i did not realize that talking to immature online faggots could be so troublesome in terms of gathering intel every day on weather or not they are with oyu or against you. In the end, I decided it would be best for me to remove as much contact as possible from everyone involved in that group (not realizing that their intent was to get the two of us to seperate as friends). In regards to the "group" I suggest even if you still share a bond with any of them, you remove them immedietly before they can get the chance to strike again. It took me a while to get used to not talking to this "group" that i had been talking to for so long, but i no longer feel the need to talk to them and have made plenty more friends in real life to cover for them. On another subject regarding the time you wanted to have a conversation with me, I will be avalible today (12-13-12) around 5:00pm (PST) on xbox live. I have already taken the liberty of sending you a friend request on xbox live, so i hope to see you then. P.S: We have much to catch up on.

                                     Sig: うぃるそん ぶらいでん です

N3aroblivion Dec 11, 2012

Well said!! if there was an emotocon of a smiley face giving a thumbs up id totally send you like five of those right now.. its funny cuz i actually hate football.. and baseball.. well on the professional level anyway. cuz then its all about money.....

and i am fascinated with Japanese culture, history, and literature... in fact i honestly wish i was born japanese so i could be apart of such a rich and colorful society..

even though some things about it are kinda sketchy haha..

dude its always more fun to make an idiot of yourself rather than trying to be mor socially acceptable.. am i right or am i right? haha

besides being an idiot is just more simple haha

N3aroblivion Dec 11, 2012

wait are we really japanese spirited? imean like you said not all japanese like anime.. haha

N3aroblivion Dec 11, 2012

haha!! damn! they're catching on to me!!

fyi i was speaking metaphorically. y'noe like spiritually.. hahahaha

and i know liking anime doesn't make you japanese.. you gotta take a test for that.. >.>