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Dec 1, 2012

Story: (4/10) 
Just gonna say this up front, the story sucks. The only people who are going to like this show are retro fans, or the people who read the Manga as well. So much bull shit happens in this show it's ridiculous. Not the good kind of bull shit either. I'm talking about the kind of bullshit where people don't die after being shot through their chest plate with a poison arrow because it hits the necklace that they're wearing. And after a while, you just stop feeling worried for anybody because we start to realize that all the good guys are protected by a 3ft thick plate of plot armor. Then right as you start thinking nothing bad will happen, the last episode shows up. I'm not gonna spoil anything but... lets just say that everyone either dies, or gets raped. End of story. 
Animation: (3/10) 
Animation was terrible, plain and simple. The only characters that looked good were (obviously) the main characters, the background characters however all looked generic and poorly made. Character movements themselves looked like crap and seemed very unrealistic. Also the background/scenery of everywhere/everything looked like bad finger paintings. 
Sound: (0.1/10) 
Without a doubt, this show holds the record for having the worst sounding OST out of any anime ever made. The first time I heard the opening song it made me laugh so hard I almost choked on my lunch. I mean seriously, what an out of place and horrendous song that was. Same with the ending song, but to a lesser extent. The character themes and random "insert songs" that played during speeches and battles were also laughable. Not since Popee the Performer have I been tempted to mute the volume so many times in one show. 
Character: (7/10) 
Everybody knows that the only reason why people watch the show "Hellsing" is because of the bad-ass main character, and honestly the same could be said about Berserk. Without Guts, the only person we're really left with is a shounen-ai looking motherfucker with fair skin, who takes it up the ass for money. Btw I'm not making that up, Griffith really did offer up his bung-hole for a little spending money before... But since that isn't the case, I can't really complain. Guts was a bad-ass, and there's no denying that. 
Overall: (4/10) 
Basically here's how the show goes: It starts off good -> Pulls you in -> Loses pace -> Becomes somewhat interesting -> Gets a little boring -> Gets really boring -> Picks up again -> Climaxes -> Bores once again -> Randomly turns into a Japanese demon rape dungeon -> Story ends -> Audience either rages, or fangasms over the cool symbolism. Sadly I'm not one for symbolism, so the ending was lost on me. All in all, very disappointed with this show, as I was expecting so much more from it.

P.S. - I give the anime a (4/10), but a give the manga an (8/10). If you watch the show, there is no reason for you to not read the manga.

I Recommend This Show To: Retro anime fans and/or those who enjoy deep, thought provoking themes. Also if you're a fan of bad ass main characters who kill a lot of stuff every episode, you also might like it.

4/10 story
3/10 animation
0.1/10 sound
7/10 characters
4/10 overall
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Milbo Jun 26, 2013

Really just going to give the sound a .1 are you deaf? 

TheStampede01 Dec 2, 2012

Your looking at this anime very superficially in terms of characters and plot. Besrerk plays a lot with symbolism, metaphors and forshadowing and if your not keen enough to pick up on these things I can see why your score is the way it is now, but honestly me and many others will tell you that you need to dig a little deeper to truly enjoy Berserk.

SadisticTendencies Dec 2, 2012

Oh God. No! I can totally be calm and polite about it! Unnnngggg!

Anyways, you present lots of good points and even though I disagree I can see why the... terrible ending would put people off. I don't think I can EVER watch this series again even though I enjoyed it a lot.

Small heads-up though, "I'm not gonna spoil anything but... lets just say that everyone either dies, or gets raped."^ That's pretty much a spoiler :P