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Fairy Tail

Nov 30, 2012

Warning: Due to the unintentional (I swear) bias within this review, the comment section may, or may not be a shit-storm full of fan boy/girl rage. Read at your own risk.

Story: (1/10)

Imagine Naruto and One Piece just had a baby, and it had autism, and it was ugly... That's basically Fairy Tail in a nutshell. I personally didn't get far enough into the show to know the plot, but I just had a feel... A big feel that the story was gonna go nowhere and it would suck. It seems I was right because everybody with an intelligent opinion, has told me that it is indeed crap. They've also told me that the power of friendship, or love, or what ever the fuck, has saved them multiple times throughout the show when they were in danger. Dat Plot...

Animation: (7/10)

From what I've seen, the show looks well animated, for a long running shounen show. So no complaints, or praise, is given in regard to the visual aspect of the show.

Sound: (5/10)

Sounded fairly generic for a shounen show. The soundtrack is forgettable, and the opening and closing songs aren't as good as Bleach's or Naruto's. 

Characters: (3/10)

I hated each and every person I saw in this show. Basically everybody is either one of three things A: Generic, B: Stupid and annoying, or C: All of the Above. ALSO WHY DOES EVERY SHOUNEN LEAD HAVE SPIKY FREAKIN HAIR HUH?! Is it so kids will think they're bad-ass or what? I'm so confuzled..

Overall: (2/10)

Crap show. Nothing original comes from this load of shit. I mean seriously, SAO is better than this! Everything they do in this show follows the same linear path as any other shounen available. So why do people like it? Because Naruto and One Piece episodes only come out once every week, so how else are they going to spend their time? Reading? LMFAO!! As if.....

1/10 story
7/10 animation
5/10 sound
3/10 characters
2/10 overall
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DragonWolf89 May 25, 2014

well seeing the review of Seikon no Qwaser getting 8/10 & Fairy tail 2/10 i can imagine what is your taste m8. Everyone of those who approves an anime with breast feeding (annoying stupidity) giving special powers better than maybe you could say a casual motive of the power of Friendship (Fairy tail speaking - Also if i'm correct the same motive going & going on OP too) is just sry for the phrase "shithead" opinion. ALso you can't  judge something by watching only 18 episodes. Now about the anime yeah i'll aggree that it has some (few) Up & Down moments, but i'm sure that after the first 20+ episodes is worth watching. 

Kioshi555 Jan 6, 2014

I just laughed so hard with these two comments hahahahha nice guys. :P

MOJ Feb 4, 2013

What a disappointment...I came here for the "shitstorm of fanboy/fangril rage" but found only another serious, respectful comment.I'll come back after more people have seen this review, until then I will give this anime a try and see why its so bad after all

Fiif Jan 8, 2013

The last line says it all tbh. When you are trying to get people mad never say "Umad" at the end, because then people actually mad at you do not comment as they consider you a troll. Anyway I agree in some parts, then again 21-46 makes this one of my favorite amines but before hand it is not actual that good imo.

Jesus I need to find something to do with my live am I actually writing a serious respones to a troll review... just kill me now:P