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Grave of the Fireflies

Nov 30, 2012

Story: (5/10)

Yeah there was a plot, but the story itself was boring imo. People kept telling me to watch it because it was so tragic and sad, and yet the only thing I felt throughout the movie was annoyance because of the constant whining of the little girl.

Animation: (8/10)

The animation looked good for when it was made. It was detailed and I can't say anything bad about it really.

Sound: (5/10)

The voice acting had that old sound to it and I overall just didn't like the soundtrack either..

Character: (3/10)

The characters really annoyed me, not gonna lie. Either you were annoying (little girl), or a complete dick/bitch (everyone else). The main character was the only person I could tolerate, but still, I never really liked him. For a movie that's all about having you feel bad for the characters, it really failed in making me give a fuck about anyone. 

Overall: (4/10)

The movie's age really does show when watching this, and while that might not bother everybody, it does bother me (personally). Overall a very overhyped movie that left me with a sense of meh when I finished it. Also just because I didn't feel anything for these characters, that doesn't make me a cold hearted bastard. Clannad made me cry multiple times, so you can't blame anyone but the director for not making this sad enough.

5/10 story
8/10 animation
5/10 sound
3/10 characters
4/10 overall

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ZKMsphere Mar 21, 2016

You're an incredibly shallow person. This is the fucking war, do you think everyone is a saint and going out of their way to help each other? I'm not sure what kind of mindset do you have on human beings, do you really think that humans are inherently charitable beings? No, we're selfish in nature, before all else we think about ourselves. 

And Setsuko was 4 year old. Try to think back to what you were doing when you were 4 years old. Don't bother, let me help you. You were annoying. 

When you're watching something, you're supposed to put yourself in the shoes of the characters, immerse yourself in essence, and be a part of the scenario. 

Until you can at least do something like that, do yourself a favour and never write a review again.

I don't really care about anything else you wrote, because we have our own opinions, but I really think you need to fix that issue.

Serpentari Jul 8, 2015

Animation and sound critiques aside, reading this review I really have to question if you have issues relating to others in real life. Setsuko is 4 years old. Now try to remember what you were like when you were 4 years old. Actually, don't bother. Because you probably won't remember it or think you do when you actually have distorted memories. And how you can perceive the story as boring is beyond me. It's a realistic portrayal of life during war. Have you ever lived in poverty before? How spoiled do you have to be to be unable to relate to the characters? If food is rationed, your parents die prematurely, and there are no orphanages to take you in, you're a 14 years old boy and have to take care of a 4 years old sister, how well do you think you will do? 

Mozuri Nov 30, 2012

You have to understand though that to me, a 6/10 means that I somewhat enjoyed it. So if I don't like something, it automatically gets lower than a 6/10 on my rating scale, and obviously I didn't really enjoy this movie so... Yeah. Also thanks for not being that guy who calls me a fag just because I have a different opinion!

P.S. Thanks for the Feedback!

SadisticTendencies Nov 30, 2012

Opinion respected but giving this movie less than 5 is absolutely incomprehensive to me! It's powerful. To each his own though :3