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This Review Covers both the First and Second Movies...

Story (8/10)
Alright so here's the deal, the story of the movie is basically a retelling of the first half of the show, but with added scenes, and a somewhat faster pace. To those of you who are haters and/or talking shit about the idea, here's a word of warning: Prepare to be Disappointed because THEY DO make this work!!! While it was recap, it felt like a completely new experience. The atmosphere was way darker and eerier than the show, and the scenes transitioned very smoothly. The anime-ish feel of the show was replaced with a genuine cinematic experience.

Animation (9/10)
Easily the highpoint of the movie was the animation. They improved it so much from the TV show it was unbelievable. Well.. considering how big of a money whore the show was, I guess it isn't that unbelievable... Anyways back to the point: The characters look great, the movements were fluid, and the portrayal of all the little details around them were great as well.

Sound (8/10)
Another step-up from the show would be the sound. Obviously the movie had the same voice actors as the show so it sounded good. The soundtrack was also great and it fit in perfectly with the atmosphere of the movie. All in all, pretty solid sound rating, nothing ground-breaking though.

Characters: (7/10)
Same characters as the show, you all know how they are so I'm not gonna go over them in detail. I will say this though, the way they are portrayed in the movie feels noticeably different and gives them an increased amount of depth.

Overall: (8/10)
They really did do a great job with this movie. And to all of you Madoka Magica haters out there, let me say one thing, if you didn't like the show then that's your deal, but don't judge the movie without seeing it first, because trust me, it is different.

Note: I was lucky enough to see this in theaters. To all of you who haven't, but want to see it, you have my condolences. The earliest you'll be able to watch it will be in a couple months. But at least you have the hype built up from this review to keep you going right? Right?!

8/10 story
9/10 animation
8/10 sound
7/10 characters
8/10 overall
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