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Listen to my review closely, it may make the difference between wheather you'll live or die...

Story: (0/10) 

Okay for starters you'll need to know that there is no story at all in this "anime?". I mean how could there be a plot for something that doesn't even exist? Yep that's right, you heard me correctly, THIS SHOW DOESN'T EXIST!! Why is it on the site then you ask? Well the answer is, it's not. The whole concept of a Tsukihime anime is such a massive, and powerful lie, that it opened up a gate leading to a parallel universe, traveled through the gate, and then manifested itself on the internet as something that exists in our reality. We call this strange occurrence a Digital Multi-Dimensional Refraction Phenomenon. 
Animation: (0/10) 
It's kind of hard to rate the animation when there is no animation to rate. At first glance you might be able to make out some kind of shapes, but then when you realize that it's just trying to corrupt your brain with false information, everything on the screen becomes transparent and you forget that you ever even saw anything at all. 
Sound: (0/10) 
When my computer tried to play the first "episode?", my speakers blew up and a high pitched scream came out of my monitor as a visible wave length and made my ears bleed. 
Characters: (0/10) 
Characters? I don't remember any characters... Were there characters? No there weren't any characters... I think? 
Overall: (0/10) 
There is no Tsukihime anime, don't let the demons of the internet fool you. Only "Watch?" this "Thing?" if you want to be killed, because it probably will rape your mind until you die. Metaphysically of course?

0.1/10 story
0.1/10 animation
0.1/10 sound
0.1/10 characters
0.1/10 overall

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PurplePeopleEater Oct 23, 2016

Either you have some serious mental issues and need to get help, this is some sort of joke, or...nevermind......I don't even want to think that this could possibly be a serious review. 

Maybe you were trying to be funny or be avant-garde artistic with your review, but it isn't helpful. I think your way of writing this review is creative, but I think you took it too far without ever letting up. I can understand the story part. After that, you just sound like a conspiricy theorist, mentally ill person, or a joker.

Ebhen Nov 29, 2015

Lame... Why even bother to review if you don't take it seriously enough. Trolls should just stay away.

thebarfscarf Feb 11, 2013

Jesus man. It was a shitty show but this is the most useless excuse for a review I've ever seen. I feel so strongly about my previous statement that I'm even willing to fill in a CAPCTHA just to tell you that.