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3 years
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Mar 20, 2015
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2 years
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Mar 20, 2014
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Mar 20, 2013
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Life on Anime: 5 Months
Life on anime is 5 months
Dec 12, 2012
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Stuck in the Madhouse
Watched 25 anime from Madhouse
Dec 11, 2012
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Created a Manga List
Created a manga list
Dec 4, 2012
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You've watched notorious mind-bending anime and emerged with your sanity intact.
Nov 30, 2012
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Butt Attacker
You watched both Butt Attack Punisher Girl OVAs. The real question is... WHY?!
Nov 30, 2012
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Oh So Manly
You are the epitome of manly, having gazed upon the masculine specimens in Toriko, Tengen Toppa Gurren-Lagann, Fist of the North Star and Golgo 13.
Nov 30, 2012
You've experienced joy and terror alongside Popee, Kedamono, Papi and even the Elephant Car.
Nov 30, 2012