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there's also jodie's run for Park the for the  Safer Colon  Green Party that's rightthis she's been going to meetings and she's been really getting activityinvolved in the party it's gonna be a big campaign this was aserious one well I'm not writing she actually has a chance usually when she would she's runningthese things she's not really considering winning me cuz it's very hard for the great party 2n inher riding and you know it's the Stanley Park riding is all right around thereit's very green writing and the NDP is actually supporting thepipeline turns out in that riding the pipelinesthe number one issue Spencer Herbert is running against jodiefor the NDP in the liberals really aren't evenputting anybody forward they said they're not really putting a lot behindtheir candid there right now it they said that but we'veheard that so I am not so sure I might add theirarm the riding on an iOS a Alberni Pacifica lamp if you want to look up the boundaries ofand if you're in my riding we speak by all means get ahold Mia onmy Facebook page opus farms pH AR amass and the no you're more than happy to come on downI'm always looking for people who want to help out or get involved in any way you knowpositive got something you might wanna adder you know maybe our ways we can goabout will make reason some money here youwant to just come out and donate time energy yeh Jo his writings vancouverWest and also I'm doing .

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