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A smart reader is hard to please


About the question whether predictability alone can make a story boring by Morgoth As I've read Chapter 16 of Gamble Fish some time ago, I cam... read more

Bleach is in realtime - that's why the manga takes so damn long to do anything...

23 SEP

The following takes place between when you start to read and when you finish this... by Morgoth When I read Bleach nowadays, I can't help but ... read more

What has Naruto to do with Gambling?- Nothing and that's why it's so boring right now (Part I)

22 SEP

An article about why Naruto could never win a Pokergame and what that actually meansby Morgoth(If you don't want to hear Spoilers of Gamble Fish or Na... read more

The danger of blogging: You never know when you start to feel like you should stop doing it...

21 SEP

So a new season is coming up and this time it had two great seasons as predecessors, which will make it very difficult to find a series in the new sea... read more