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~ Kєєρ cαℓм αη∂ ѕтαу α яєвєℓ ~


All because of you,
I believe in angels.
Not the kind with wings
no, not the kind with halos.
The kind that bring you home,
when home becomes a strange place.
I'll follow your voice,
all you have to do is shout it out.

~ Rise Against - The Good Left Undone

Favorite Genres: Drama, Mystery, Mecha, Adventure, Psychological, Thriller, Reverse Harem, Yaoi, Romance, ...

Fuck Ecchi.

Favorite Anime: AnoHana, Bokurano, Btooom!, Free!, Fruits Basket, Gin no Saji, Kill la Kill, Kimi ni Todoke, Kotonoha no Niwa, Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica, Tasogare Otome x Amnesia, Tegami Bachi, ...

 »You learn to control gravity, to control pain, and refuse to let yourself get away with anything.

But there's one thing that doesn't follow the rules, that you wish you could control but can't -

your heart.«

♥ monochrome pictures ♥

»Everything in the world is actually connected.

That means, even if we get separated,

we'll never be alone.«


»I am a lion and I want to be free,
do you see a lion when you look inside of me?
Outside the window just to watch you as you sleep,
'cause I am a lion born from things you can not be ...«

~ Hollywood Undead - Lion

Jα ηє~ ♥

Hollywood Undead ♥

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francis454hellsing says...

what grade are you doing??or are you in colledge??

you love all anime and manga dont you??? ^^

Sep 16, 2014
xRedHeadx says...

Ich muss mich auch entschuldigen:pBei mir fängt die Schule auch wieder nächste Woche an:(

Yey ich bin 'ne Ausnahme:D Dankeeeee!<3

Ich... eeeh naja.. ich schau sie mir einfach an, hab' aber keine Favoriten:p

Also ich hab' ja nichts dagegen wenn etwas Ecchi darin vorkommt, weil nun ja du willst die Animes ja an ein "Publikum" verkaufen und da stehen die meisten halt auf Brüste:p aber du hast vollkommen Recht, Ecchi ist nicht wirklich was für die Hellsten:p


ooooooooh wirklich?*-* dann wirst du aber total zugemauert:p

Diese Schule:P 

Sep 8, 2014
francis454hellsing says...

its okay \(^o^)/....and in date a live my favourite character is <3 KURUMI TOKISAKI <3 and <3 MIKU IAZYOI <3...what are your favourite characters??

you should watch SAO its kinda the same as log horizon.

and my top five are:

(5) K-on!

(4) sakura trick

(3) sora no otoshimono

(2) boku wa tomodachi ga sukunasai

(1) date a live

what about you???

Aug 29, 2014
ItsumoHitori says...

It was something else, something we perhaps should see more of.

I haven't watched any of those shows other than half of Infinite Stratos (pretty entertaining) and the first two rebuild Evangelion films, but looks like I'll need to check them all out xP

Nice chatting with you!

Aug 28, 2014
ItsumoHitori says...

Hi! I was interested in what your thoughts on Bokurano were? I saw you had it listed as one of your favourites.

For me it was a very powerful and emotional show, where I couldn't pull myself away from watching the next episode, even if I didn't want to. That's just it, I enjoyed it, and was moved, but it did distress me on some levels for most of the series, if that makes any sense, which kept it from being one of my favourites.

Aug 17, 2014