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Nov 23, 2013

Review is solely opinion so please don't hate


This supernatural story is wildly unique with a premise that has a lot to work with. Mushishi will take you on a journey. You follow Ginko throughout his journey as a mushi master, and his stories are an absolute joy to watch. Mushishi introduces a new story almost every episode that is original and could honestly become movies. Each story keeps you entertained and intrigued throughout, and leaves you wanting more in the end. The overall structure of the story reminds me of Detective Conan. Like Conan, you follow Ginko's life but there are always plots within each episode. Detective Conan has a case almost every episode. Mushishi is the same except the case lies within the mushi, the ubiquitous creatures in Mushishi. Mushishi also has a very complex story behind every episode which turns out to be endearing every single time. I constantly look for animes like Mushishi because no other anime has left me so serene like Mushishi. In the end, Mushishi leaves you wanting more and more. Mushishi never failed to pique my interest at any time while watching.


The animation is beautiful. You see the different Mushi all around and you can't help but be entranced. The world of Mushishi drags you into an alluring setting that never fails to please your eyes. Your eyes will enjoy the animation. Mushishi gives a very distinct character model for Gink to where you will never forget how he looks. Mushishi is a world of wonder. 


The sound is always sets the mood just right. Whenever something seems to go wrong, the music follows. Whenever something awe inspiring happens, the music follows. The soundtrack also molds well with the animation. Whenever you are pulled into the world of Mushishi, the soundtrack enhances that pull. The sound is unique and absolutely marvelous. The Mushishi theme is fantastic and the opening theme is always unforgettable. The guitar picking and the sweet and tranquil voice of the singer gives a great example as to how the anime feels. The sound is absolutely enchanting.


GINKO! Ginko is probably one of the greatest characters in anime. This unique character is very hard to come by nowadays. He has a distinct look that no other anime can mimic which makes him very memorable. Ginko is usally the one person you are focused on, and Mushishi does a fantastic job in portraying this character. The performances of the people within each arc also very convincing and are brilliantly voice acted. Ginko may be one of my favorite characters in anime.


Mushishi is an entrancing anime that will draw you into its world in no time. The only thing that may hinder Mushishi is its slow pacing but that is what enhances it as well. Mushishi will leave you in a calm state after every episode. Mushishi has that magic to where it can be a greats stress reliever. If you do not slow paced animes, this may be a bit hard, but it doesn't take long to get pulled into the world of Mushishi. I had a wonderful time watching this anime. I recommend Mushishi most definitely. 

9/10 story
9/10 animation
9/10 sound
9/10 characters
9/10 overall
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