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Death Note

Sep 2, 2013

Review is solely opinion so please don't hate


You have to admire the premise of Death Note. It is wildly original with suspense just oozing out of it. Death Note is a really dark anime. You can feel how dark and horrific the anime can be, and the visuals definitely help with that. The story may be a bit far fetched at times but its fiction so that can't be helped. However, I will talk about it. The fact that a boy could have this much knowledge and outsmart grown men is pretty unreal but then again it is fiction and someone could actually be that smart. There are also many plot points that are a bit forced. The rules for the death note are really forced. The fact that you have to have the person's face in your mind seems a bit weird and odd. It's not like I can literally see the person's face in my mind. Isn't it just knowing who you want to kill really? Also the deal with the shinigami eyes doesn't make sense to me either. If you can see when they die, but you kill them anyways, what happens. Do they not die? Not considering the death note. Just by simply going up to them and stabbing them a million times. The fact that it forces you to not be able to kill for conventional methods just seems a bit forced in the story. The story also drags a little bit when you hit the 3/4 mark. After the L arc, things just get really slow but quickly pick up drastically in the last two episodes. The pacing after the L arc felt a bit lazy and disappointing. The plot however overall is very interesting and keeps you watching so that is a good thing. There are just so many questions and weird headscratchers to the point where you just wanna yell explain. There were also little things in the story that involves the characters that I will further explain. Overall, the story was a bit far fetched at times but it was stll intriguing and stimulating. 


The animation for Death Note is some of the best we have seen in a while. Death Note probably has some of the best shading anime has to offer. The settings and the character models really depict the dark mood and presence the whole anime is trying to convey. The animation and art style are very modern and easy on the eyes. Any anime watcher would not have a problem with the animation. 


The soundtrack and score for Death Note is very gripping and very noticable. The notorious L's theme is probably one of the most renowned OSTs in the anime world. The soundtrack really sets the scene in every episode. The opening and endings were however okay. Nothing too special. It wasn't good but it wasn't bad either. The first opening was probably the best out of all of them. Although it is not as intense as the rest, the first opening is really easy to listen to. The others however set the tone for the whole anime. 


Some characters in Death Note are great while some of the others are not. There are times where the characters just sound ridiculous as to emphasize a joke but it really hinders it instead of enhancing it. However, Light and L are some of the most interesting characters in the anime world. Light's thirst for power is unreal and L's passion for justice is unreal as well. Misa Misa is the anime girl that you either hate or love. It is never inbetween. Ryuk will always love apples. Light's dad will always keep you on your toes. The other characters however are okay. Matsuda is of little importance in my opinion yet they try to add him in various episodes, such as the last episode or his daring attempts. The anime tries to have little stories within the team helping L but they just tend to get annoying and unimportant. Mello and Near are also totally underdeveloped as characters. How do people like them, who play such a significant role in the story, get a sorry background and terrible character development. To put new characters that are barely introduced that have little to no background or character development have such an important role in the plot is beyond me. Mikami and Takada also have major roles but only get little development. I don't remember anything about Mikami. They were just like hey lets have this guy do some stuff for Kira. Takada also was an interesting character that could have been expanded on and in my opinion was better than Misa. The Takada and Misa love triangle is also extremely weak and they didn't expand on it which really bothered me. Everyone cared about L and not these guys. For support characters to have such a big role is ridiculous in my opinion. The characters are great in Death Note but Kira hunting crew background, Near,Mello and Kira helpers are what drag this anime in the character standpoint.


This anime was a lot of fun to watch but there were things that I would nitpick here and there. There were times that I thought were absolutely ridiculous. Nevertheless, this anime is a fun thrill ride that will keep the average anime watcher on their toes. This anime is far from my favorite, but to say that I didn't enjoy it would be a blatant lie. 

7/10 story
9/10 animation
8/10 sound
7/10 characters
7.8/10 overall
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