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Sword Art Online

Sep 1, 2013

Review is solely opinion so please don't hate


The story offers a new premise that is fresh and original but fails to expand on it on many levels. With such a strong idea and premise, you would think they would capitalize on it. Only half of the series was featured in the life or death scenario while the second half was just a rescue mission. The plot also stops to focus on some minor characters and bases the story of the episode on these characters. The fact that they cheated through their own plot also shows how lazily this story was written. The objective is to reach the 100th floor and finish the game in order to leave the gaming world you are trapped in. The way the story swindles around its main focus shows how jaded and flawed the storyline is. The twist, for those who know what I'm talking about, didn't surprise me either. The fact that they had that twist shows how lazy the writing was. Not only that but they switch into two totally different settings with a totally new plot. They also introduce a weak love triangle that isn't intriguing whatsoever. It is just fill in drama. You know the outcome before the drama really even starts. I would go on and on and on but you get the gist. This anime was far from perfect, but even though this anime was packed with flaws, I still enjoyed it. If you look past the flaws then this anime would probably be one of your favorites, but if you truly analyze it, it is packed with many plot holes and a weak story. The only reason why many love it and enjoy it so much is because of the strong premise it presents.


The animation however was eye candy. You won't find the animation to be a problem at all. The animation is visually stunning. The settings are vast and interesting. The colors really pop out at you and the character models are animated really well. The art style is very intriguing. The animation is a true example of how technology has advanced. If this animation were to be in some other animes, they would be easier to watch. The animation is really easy on  the eyes and every anime fan would probably appreciate the animation.


The sound for the worlds are intriguing and you often notice them in the scenes. They really set the mood and the medieval time feel. The opening was pretty good, but the ed on the other hand was not too great. It wasn't that amazing and didn't intrigue me. It didn't give me a sense of wanting more. It was just there. It wasn't much of a conclusion or a jumpstarter for the next ep. It was just... there. The soundtrack and score are wonderful at times here and there but other than those times, there isn't too much here.


Asuna and Kirito are the main focus in this anime but they often introduce new characters that are intriguing, but then they just fall off of the face of the earth. Like where do they go. Why introduce us to new characters if you are just going to kill them off later in the episode. It just doesn't make much sense to me. Other than Asuna and Kirito, every other character lacks character development. It really doesn't make sense to me. Why would you introduce me to characters I want to know more about and then just change the focus the next episode. Asuna was probably the most interesting character out of the whole bunch, but then again she was the only besides Kirito who had actual character development. Kirito had character development at least, but he wasn't too interesting. The characters are just all over the place...That's all I will say.


This anime had a lot of hype behind it for absolutely no reason. It is safe to say that this is the new naruto. Never have I ever seen an anime so overrated in my life. I liked it. To be honest I enjoyed it quite a bit, but for people to say that it is the best anime is just ignorant. I would recommend people watch it but please don't think like its going to be the best anime, because it really isn't. With everyone saying it's the best, I was truly disappointed. This will be a lot of fun for those who aren't as serious about anime or are lenient with anime watching but if you like to analyze animes and are strict about bad animes, you may not like it as much as others. Go ahead watch it. Just don't expect the best.

6/10 story
9/10 animation
7/10 sound
5/10 characters
6.8/10 overall
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