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The premise may be simple but the direction it takes pulls the plot forward giving it more depth. The idea is fresh and though the art aspect of it isn't exactly a new concept, it manages to stay original. I always often bag on it for being a bit too similar to Honey and Clover but I still enjoyed Honey and Clover's story as well so I'm not necessarily complaining. Even though the change of heart part was a bit too easily accomplished, it still manages to grip you with interesting characters, a fun love triangle and bits of romance. And for you skeptics out there, you can't say that the speech didn't move you or leave a lump in your throat. Though it may not be entirely original, it is still bold, fun, and intense, and still manages to grip you in an original fashion.


The animation is real easy on the eyes. It is very easy to watch for a newcomer. It also has nice textures and backgrounds look great. The character models are some of the best I have seen to date. But thats to be expected of 2013... The animation doesn't disappoint in this anime and you will surely notice how beautiful it looks. 


The sound however didn't affect me too much. The soundtrack was a nice touch to scenes at times but often it goes unnoticed. The op and ending didn't really appeal to me and I often skipped them and continued enjoying it. The sound doesn't hinder the anime at all but it doesn't necessarily enhance it either. 


The characters are all very interesting and have unique personalities. They all have their own artistic style which is a really nice touch. The love triangle was very fun to watch. It wasn't as obvious as other love triangles but the outcome always felt like it would end up in one of the girls' favor. Don't want to spoil it for you guys. One thing I have to note is Sorata's outburst and rage when receiving the letter that requested more of Mashiro's skills rather than Sorata's. It felt very real and was one of my favorite scenes in the anime. The characters are a joy to watch and are the whole reason this anime was so intense and enjoyable.


I may have given it higher but averages are important. This anime is a lot of fun and drama. Things get really dramatic and I can't help but to enjoy those kinds of things. The characters, story, and script are what all make this anime shine and Sakurasou puts the finishing touches on with the beautiful animation. This should be a definite watch for avid anime watchers. Sakurasou is a nicely wrapped giftbox with a nice present inside. Although some may not like the present for odd reasons, I thoroughly enjoyed it. 

8/10 story
9/10 animation
6/10 sound
9/10 characters
8/10 overall
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