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Aug 29, 2013

Review is solely opinion so please don't hate


A very promising premise. Check. A solid follow through. Check. A gripping story. Check. This anime pulls you into a realm of total confusion only to explain itself and keep you intrigued. A new idea on time travel really unfolds here. The gel bananas. The world lines. The IBN 5100. It all makes sense after you watch and all of the plot twists keep getting thrown at you. Its gripping. Its fun. Its entertainment. MAYURI! MAYURI! MAYURI!


The animation is very unique. The light textures help depict a scenery fit for science fiction. The heat outside can be felt through your computer. The character models are well drawn and help give each character their own personality. The animation really stands out and impacts the anime in ways you may not understand or notice. 


The op was not as noticable and not as praiseworthy but the soundtrack was gripping. It helped set the sci fi mood and often kept things up beat and going. Though it may not be noticed half the time, it impacts the anime tremendously. The soundtrack melts beautifully within every scene. The ending song itself gives you the urge to watch the next episode. The ending song may not be a great song but the "epicness" i guess you could say would push you to continue the series. A perfect ending song in my opinion.


HEY MISTER! I AM MAD SCIENTIST! ITS SOO COOOOOL.....yasunava bitch! El Psy Congroo. I am Hououin Kyouma! CHRISTINA! MAYURII!!!!! TUTUTU! These characters are awesome. 


You probably don't even understand this review at all but don't worry it doesn't matter. Go watch this right now. It has a wonderfully twisted pack a punch story with characters with immense personalities. It's an anime you really wouldn't want to miss and even though you may not understand this... just go watch it right now. It is really worth your time. 

9/10 story
8/10 animation
7/10 sound
10/10 characters
8.5/10 overall
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