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Clannad After Story

Aug 29, 2013

Review is solely opinion so please don't hate


The story may seem a bit simple but actually has more depth than one would think. Clannad After Story moves from Slice of Life to Drama seemlessly and manages to twist and turn moving you into a roller coaster ride of emotions. What I love about Clannad is it gives you a mere simple premise but enhances is to new levels. The psychological bits and the real time scenes come together to form a beautiful experience. The only thing I was iffy about was the end for I felt like the major heartstopper moment would have been an excellent stopping point. That moment of despair and sadness rarely shows up in endings and I would have enjoyed that rather than the "happily ever after". 


Some may think this is too high because of the fact that they have huge eyes and they are baby faced freaks. Some may think that this is too low because the textures in setting and brilliance behind Kyoani is flawless. I think 7 is just right. Though the character models may not be as mature as I would like, the backgrounds and color patterns are easy on the eyes. I didn't have much of a problem with the animation but the character models could have been a bit....better.


Why a 10? The Dango song, A couple of idiots, and many other OST's make this anime much more powerful. The opening just makes you sad just by listening to it. Clannad After Story would not have been so acclaimed if it weren't for the beautiful soundtrack. It impacted the anime in many ways and I would notice it as soon as it started playing. It was fantastic. All there is to it. 


Of course the characters were gripping and interesting. I wouldn't have bawled my eyes out if it weren't for the characters. Nagisa and Tomoya have a relationship that you could just feel and you can't help but put yourself in their shoes. I haven't been attached to characters like this in awhile an as a man I kind of feel embarrassed for crying. I would always feel like I was in the club room watching them grow together and as people. I was truly engaged with these characters. 


Some of you may be going "oh this deserves at least a 9" and I would agree with you. To be honest this is probably my favorite anime. I feel like crying unleashes the best out of your emotions whether you be angry, happy or sad. And for an anime to make me feel like I did definitely deserves recognition. An 8.5 is what my values average to and I believe that is what this anime deserves. It may feel a bit low but trust me it really isn't. This is my favorite anime guys. Just think about it. Definitely watch this. 

8/10 story
7/10 animation
10/10 sound
9/10 characters
8.5/10 overall
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