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Trix017 Oct 27, 2013

I finally got a beta key for Hearthstone, which is Blizzard's new digital trading card game, and it's pretty cool.   If you haven't yet, you should sign up for a beta key on and check it out.  It would be rad to have some friends to play with.

Trix017 Sep 30, 2013

Nice.  I haven't been watching that much anime lately, it seems like I have to go in phases because after a while there's not much left out that I want to see, so I have to wait a bit for some new shows to come out lol.  Do you play league of legends at all? I started playing that a couple months ago, and have been watching the world championship matches all weekend.  Fun game, but I don't know enough cool people that play. :(

Trix017 May 5, 2012

You going to play Diablo 3 at all?

Trix017 Jan 9, 2012

How many cores do you have?