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Gintama Episode Guide

14 SEP

001. The one where we're introduced to Gin-chan's Yorozuya, the group that does odd jobs. Members include ex-Samurai Gintoki, apprentice Shinpachi, Yato alien Kagura, and alien monster dog Sadaharu.

002. The one where they foil a plot to destroy Edo.

003. The one where Shinpachi and Otae meet Gintoki. Gintoki helps the siblings from loansharks trying to take their dojo, and Shinpachi joins the Yorozuya after being impressed by Gintoki's samurai spirit.

004. The one where Gintoki runs over Kagura on his vespa. They get involved with Kagura's troubles and she decides to join the Yorozuya to earn money for a ticket home.

005. The one where they unwittingly deliver a bomb to the Amanto embassy. They get embroiled with the Nationalists led by Katsura and escape the Shinsengumi (Shogunate Special Police).

006. The one where they help an escaped convict see his daughter. Turns out Shinpachi is a big fan of the idol Otsuu-chan, and is Captain of the Otsuu-chan Cheering Section.

007. The one where they're hired to look for an alien octopus pet for Prince Hata, the Amanto animal collector. They meet Taizo Hasegawa, a Shogunate agent from Internal Affairs who oversees Amanto relations.

008. The one where Gintoki fights Kondo (Shinsengumi Captain) over Otae's love. Gintoki cheats and only fights to get Kondo to leave Otae alone.

009. The one where Gintoki 'wins' rock-paper-scissors and has to do construction work. Only to fight the Shinsengumi trying to avenge Kondo's defeat in the previous episode.

010. The one where they meet the giant white space dog. Kagura befriends it and names him Sadaharu.

011. The one where they meet a perverted old man in a hospital. He wants to see his first love's smile again.

012. The one where they meet the cat burglar Catherine. Gintoki protects the landlord because she fed him.

013. The one where they meet the drug-running space pirates. Gintoki carries his friends' weight.

014. The one where the Shinsengumi get summer outfits and Kagura befriends the Princess.

015. The one where they meet Elizabeth. Elizabeth and Sadaharu compete as pets on TV.

016. The one where they meet Taizo Hasegawa again. He only has his sunglasses and principles left after losing his job and wife. Madao!

017. The one where they meet Gengai Hiraga, one of the best mechanics and inventors in Edo. One-eyed ex-comrade Shinsuke also makes an appearance to attend a special festival.

018. The one where they team up with the Shinsengumi to catch the underwear thief. Land mines are used.

019. The one where they go to the beach. Hasegawa describes his relationship with the sea and confronts the sea monster.

020. The one where the Shinsengumi are haunted by a ghost of a woman in a red kimono. Gintoki, Shinpachi, and Kagura join them to perform the exorcism. Vice Commander Hijikata loves mayonnaise!

021. The one where they help a kappa against greedy land developers. And where Gintoki goes out in search of a fan on a hot summer day.

022. The one where they meet Sa-chan, the practically blind ninja assassin who keeps losing her glasses. She tricks Gintoki into meeting her 'father' for marriage but then falls for him for real.

023. The one where they win a trip to space. Their shuttle gets hijacked and they crash land on a desert planet. They meet up with Gintoki's ex-comrade Tatsuma Sakamoto who has become a successful interplanetary tradesman with a positive outlook.

024. The one where Gintoki and Katsura are forced to cross-dress and work in a transvestite bar. Father/?mother and son are strong, they come to see.

025. The one where they have the longest ever still frame teasing us about a recap episode. But then they get distracted by the most epic battle over sukiyaki ever!

I'll be adding more episode summaries as I continue watching the show.

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