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WinterSnowfall Nov 24, 2011


Nu ma supar deloc, doar ca nu am vazut niciun comment in romana la tine si n-am vrut sa fac nota disonanta :).

Mersi pentru recomandari. Gilgamesh il tot caut de ceva vreme dar n-am reusit sa fac rost de el inca... o sa ma uit si la Durarara, dar au prioritate animeurile mai vechi din lista mea de "want to watch" teoretic. La Nightwalkers nu promit sa ma uit, dar ma mai gandesc :D. 

Keep in touch!

P.S.: Cred ca o sa revin si eu cu recomandari mai incolo, dar inca nu ti-am facut profilul :). 

WinterSnowfall Nov 19, 2011

Hi! I've added you as a friend, pretty much out of the blue, since our tastes in anime seem to be rather similar (that's rather rare to find, at least for me) and I'm curious to see what you're going to watch in the future. Nice to meet you!

Kaorichaos Aug 19, 2011

Sorry for the incredibly rate response the the blog comment you left me >W< For some reason i didn't see it. Thanks so much for the gore rec's i've been thinking about Shigurui for some time but hadn't gotten around to it. ^_^ It's nice to know it was good!~

IvoryRose Jul 11, 2011

Thanks for the comment from one of my blogs! :) And I thought it would be nice if we could becomes friends :)

1.What are your favourite animes/mangas so far?

Hehe, talk soon then x


Lagore Jun 13, 2011

In repsonse to the Gungrave blog:


Excellent observation.  I wrote that a LONG time ago and didn't know what the hell I was talking about, frankly.  But yeah, the show has all sorts of stuff about how different characters interpret loyalty and how different loyalties come into conflict with one another.  You cite one good example in that episode.  And another key one on which the entire plot hinges is Brandon's loyalties to both Big Daddy and Harry.


And now that I can look back on the series in a clearer light, I think you point out another good point.  Which is the concept of "power" and how different characters interpret it.  Because Big Daddy's concept of power is certainly way different from Harry's and that leads to a lot of problems.