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Just a dorky otaku, like yourself, no doubt.

I'm home-schooled, and a Christian, but that doesn't make me anti-social or an arrogant jerk. I actually very much like people, and I love supernaturally-based shows and stuff. (Though I don't beleive in ghosts or the like, either. xP)

My non-anime interests include cooking, reading/writing, and singing. I plan to major in cullinary and second in psychology, as I find that field to be immensely interesting. (Is it weird to pick such unrelated fields? Might be interesting.)

My favorite book would have to be The Princess Bride, by 'S. Morginstein' (Yes, I fell for it at first. xD;; ) and Out of the Silent Planet, by C.S. Lewis. I'm currently in search of some good steampunk books. (I tried reading The Difference Engine, but William Gibson really bothers me with his random sex scenes.)

American shows that I enjoy include NCIS, House, Eureka, and Invader Zim. (Yes.) I'm also quite a fan of Star Wars, and sci-fi in general.

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