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Eve no Jikan Movie

Feb 2, 2013


The story of Time of Eve is a simple, yet quite satisfying tale that plays in a future in which many households have servant androids that appear human save for a glowing ring above their heads. The main character, Rikuo stumbles upon a cafe where the only rule is that the patrons of the cafe, whether Human or Android may not discriminate or treat each other differently based on that difference. In classic Asimov-esque style, this raises questions about wha it really means to be human, what it mean to discriminate, and can be used as a metaphor for discrimination in our own world. Love it or hate it, the story at the very least is unique and surprisingly thought-provoking. The only complaint that I have is that the ending seems a bit cliche. I do not wish to spoil anything, however the last 15 minutes or so are definitely not the strongest part of the movie and almost take away from the earlier parts, which are positively captivating.


Time of Eve is a beautiful movie. There is an amazing contrst achieved here, where the outside is portrayed in more pastel shades as well as grays, and pale beiges, whereas the inside of the cafe is an explosion of light and color, with lush greens and warm brown tones, as well as dynamic pieces such as cieling fans that give the atmosphere of an organic and living envoronment. This subtle, yet important attention to detail makes Time of Eve a great pice of art and a fantastic piece of visual media


While truly not lacking in the audio department, Time of Eve does little to amaze. It has a very distinctive sound, especially when characters enter the cafe, however most of the music serves as an ambience to the dialouge, rather than to be featured on its own. There are a few truly great musical moments though, as the teme of music comes up several times, as a secondary plot device. Over all, the distictive sound of the movie does it justice and helps support the work.


As expected from a movie that revolves around what it means to be human or not, all the characters are well-made and symbolic in one sense or another. From the overly perky girl Akiko, to the friendly old man, Shimei, the cast is a very likable group that you will care for. At times it will seem as though the cast is limiting in its sixe, as there seems to be a small number of characters actually involved in the story, however by the end it turns out that is is just right, giving the viewer a wonderful sense of personal connection to the characters.


If you saw and liked movies/ovas like Pale Cocoon, then this movie is a no-brainer. It is a fabulous piece that is Beautful and simply a joy to watch. For everyone else, I still highly recommend it, especially if you like your movies a little more thought-provoking than most.

8/10 story
10/10 animation
8/10 sound
9/10 characters
9/10 overall
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