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Hi all I am a 26 . Born and raise in ole North Carolina. I watch anime to get away from all the studying for my school. I enjoy the comidic and demon slaying anime. I currently have a bachelors of Biology but unfortunaltely I couldnt find decent work, so I decided to go back to school. Now I am in my first year nursing school.

Im well balance type that is often called stubborn and hotheaded I try to listen to my gut instinct...hehe. I have been watching anime since I was little first one was Dragonball hehe. I like all types of animation really but the thing that holds me back is that Im really picky about what I watch. One of my favorites is Witchblade (you might already can tell) I just love the graphics even thought the story could be a lil tweaked. So thats mostly it so as they say see you in the movies!

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AikoChan Sep 25, 2009

Happy Birthday :]

MimiZawsome Sep 25, 2009

Happy Birthday! XD

sothis Nov 24, 2007

re: tag moderation... just added you on msn (the email will look weird), add me!

Kivan Oct 6, 2007

Just thought I'd be the first to leave a comment of welcome on your page too ^_*

Sigh, no avatar?:)