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Mito63 Aug 19, 2012

Thanks for enjoying it! :-) I don't like everything he does but most of it (have you seen "Goldfish Warning"?). "Strange Dawn" is a special favourite, as it seems to defy any classification. Which problably only helped it to bomb in the US kids' anime market back when. I've got both the Benelux and the Italian releases, which are complete and contains extra material. Neither one has any English subs, but there are fansubs out there.Over to "Space Pirate Mito", a series only produced the year before. Another series mixing genres more than the most. A fun farce/romp with quite some serious stuff mixed in. As "Strange Dawn" is a new take on lego wars only on the surface, "Space Pirate Mito" is your everyday Cartoon Network routine only on the surface. Both are more than worthwhile examples in trying to understand anime as a culture, and more specificially what made much of the anime at the turn of the century ('95–'04) so great. I seriously thing we had a golden age there, when names such as Jun'ichi Satō, Satoshi Kon, Yoshifumi Kondō, Hideaki Anno, Yoko Kanno, Makoto Shinkai, Hayao Miyazaki, Hiroshi Nishikiori, Yoshiyuki Tomino and Yoshitoshi ABe made really great things.

AirCommodore Aug 17, 2012

Thanks for the comment on my Strange Dawn review! Junichi Sato is pretty great (though my favorite from him will always be Princess Tutu). Like you I liked the everyday troubles of the girls the best- I kind of wish the political aspects had just been scrapped in favor of more down-to-earth problems :P

Also- nice Mito reviews. I'd never heard of the series, but now I'm really tempted to give it a watch (now I just need to make days a few hours longer so I can get through my vast anime to-do list...)