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I am a writer myself and just love the concept of a original anime. Everything about anime inspires me completely to make a story or better yet, a drawing. I will soon be opening up to review some anime, but later on in the future.

Quite frankly, I can name a lot of anime right off the bat. LIke for instance if you want to play an ABC anime guessing game, I seriously doubt I will have some competition. Just kidding, I know there are bigger fans out there rather than me.

But don't listen to this biography thought up by the vacant intellect of a fourteen year-old. Get to know me, but only if you want to. OH, and by the way, I love apples. Death Note reference !


By the way, boredom helped me calculate the weeks, months, and years in anime. How long does it take until you fully get to a week, month, or a year in anime ? Very long.

Since the average anime episode is thirty minutes, I just did the following equations :

How long for a week? 48 x 7 = 336 episodes of anime.

How long for a month? 336 x 4 = 1,344 episodes of anime.

How long for a year? 1344 x 12 = 16,128 episodes of anime.

my life spent on anime

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In a giant jar of cookies, JP

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default avatar demoncloud


Jan 1, 2008

hey man im on here cuz i kept seeing ur sig on playanime and i decided 2 check it out.

CaptainDHS avatar CaptainDHS


Dec 25, 2007

Hey there, I'm CaptainDHS. I just wanted to say welcome to Anime-Planet. I hope You have a good time making new friends. ^-^

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