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The Fairy Tail movie has a similar plotline like the anime: The main characters get into big trouble by chance and have to fight their enemys to save the world. (typical shonen plotline)

To me, the beginning was a little bit too long and the ending too abrupt.

However, as a Fan of the series I still enjoyed the movie.


I was a little bit disappointed that the movie focuses a lot on Lucy and Eclair. I mean, I like Lucy, but I hoped for the other character of the Fairy Tail Universum to get a bigger role as well, but they were(as usual) just supporting. Of Course Natsu had the Boss Fight and Erza was fighting a very interesting opponent. Too Bad their battle was so short.

Last but not Least: Gray! As usual, Gray had to clean up the remaining enemies. At least he and Juvia were fighting together, but I'd wished for him to get a bigger role....


I totally disliked the Animation. Usually I don't mind if the Anime and Movies alter, but the colors were really dull which made the background too dark. During the Boss Fight the color contrasts start hurting the eyes: Dark background, bright flames, crystal cleared ice,...

I advise you to not watch it at night or in dark rooms!

7/10 story
4/10 animation
6/10 sound
8/10 characters
7/10 overall

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Myoki143 Jun 11, 2015

 The animation was really different from the anime and when I saw Wendy I was like "Since when Wendy has purple hair?! Did I miss something?.." And also a big minus is that it was hard to find where i could watch the movie. I found it only on one site and the person who wrote the subtitles obviously did not know the english grammar (Not that my grammar is perfect but there was a lot of mistakes that most people would not make). And overall the quallity of the movie was really bad, sadly. T-T The movie itself was great though. And i agree with the character thing. Some of the main characters should have gotten a bigger role...

Taiyoushin Aug 4, 2013

Nice review,honey!^^

I also liked the movie, but I think it was nothing special compared to other Anime Movies...:/

And yeah,it was annoying that Wendy suddenly had purple hair.....O_O