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Hello! First of all, my name was suppossed to be MissCCAnarchy. That kinda pisses me off...

And yes, I love this website. I notice i watch more anime than read manga, and once I've watched the anime don't feel the need to read it. I've watched some of the popular animes such as FMA, Soul Eater, and Hellsing. I think everybody has....some I won't watch: Naruto, ninjas not for me, plus it's too long and mainstream; Sailor Moon, didn't grow up in this time and the animation gets to me; Vampire Knight, i've tried to watch but maybe its the shoujo-ness; and One Piece and Inuyasha because of it's overwhelming lengths. Don't hate me for it!

And I'll recommend/not recommend what i feel deserves it! That's it. :p

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