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about me

Hmm, well for staters.....

haha game of thrones. Winter is always coming! Haha XDD

Any who I love anime, and as for manga....not to much. I dont know, i like to HEAR them talk beause i dont like reading...even though i'm reading when i watch anime haha. :p

My life long dream is to marry an asian man or to be able to speak/read/undersatnd japanese. (YEAH NO MORE SUBS! XD)

Im always looking for new anime to watch, so if you know any good ones, let me know beacuse im DYING to wacth some really good anime. :)

Im aslo a fangirl, not a super fangirl, just a fangirl. I love yaoi hence my username. But dont let that fool you, i still love my action anime like one piece and hunter x hunter.







Izaya Orihara & Portgas D. Ace <3


Admiral Akainu >:(

Hot Cheetos


People who don't "get" anime (or thinks that Avatar the last air bender is an anime...)

My English teacher. Hell no I'm not writing a 1000 word essay in a day! Crazy Sensei

I HATE HAREMS!!! Nobody wins in a harem, NOBODY, and it always ends with a thousand questions!! IS she with that guy or that guy?? Or maybe  she likes that one guy?? ARGH!!..........*sigh* 

P.S i love manga now...so ignore what i said earlier. :p

Still hate hate harems though..

I'm in love love LOVE with killua zoldyck!!! He's so cooooolll!!

And adorable :3

But Captain Levi just might be cooler

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EdVolacu avatar EdVolacu


Dec 23, 2012

ty :p

and yes ive seen Arakawa under the bridge, the anime s1 and s2so much fun while watching it and the OP . ED's are great 

and yura accepted his destiny q.q   <3

EdVolacu avatar EdVolacu

Great Profile!

Oct 30, 2012

HAI O: i love yura takumi, i dont usualy write comments but after reading ur prof. and thats it lolbay xD 

Mayfil avatar Mayfil


Jun 24, 2012

Corpse Princess turned out good, I rly liked it. Also just got done watching True Tears, it was also good.

Mayfil avatar Mayfil


Jun 3, 2012

Its 3:30 am and I got to ep 23. I rly likes it, when I get up later today ima finish it. Did u watch the whole thing yet?

Mayfil avatar Mayfil


Jun 2, 2012

Nice, I rly liked deadman wonderland. Im watching Corpse Princess at the moment, Im liking it so far.

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