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Seems quite typical, cheery, funny characters in a school club environment. It seems like it could be a recycled shool club show that repeats the same plot line we've all seen in other shows. But this takes quite some turns. All in all I enjoyed the show a lot and it kept me watching, wondering what might happen next.

Story: Very, very well developed, it starts out with a simple, rather pointless school club who try to join a school election in order to save that pointless club. The entire thing builds from there, the show uses a lot of situational irony, so the reader soon finds out how in-over-his-head the main character is though he remains oblivious. They build a high tension story while also developing a romantic plot line that resolves at the end. Honestly the ending of the romantic story was my least favorite part of the plot line. The main character (a likeable guy) ends up bein the center girl who's the first one you meet in the anime, like a lot of shows (Toradora, School Days, Zero no Tsukaima etc.) so that wasn't very much of a twist at all. I could see it developing and i was hoping it would twist away but no

Animation: Nice, modern and pleasant, the animation was quite well done (it is a 2012 show)

Sound: A very pleasant soundtrack, A pleasant opening and ending, and a non distracting mood building soundtrack in the background.

Characters:  I started out liking all the characters, the main character is likeable with a few twists, the other boy in the club provides comic releif, a dark-haired mysterious girl, a pair of girls that do everything together, a student president who rarely opens his eyes, a fragile light-haired girl, a sensible political rival who the main character sparks with but writes off (much to my frustration!) a drunk teacher, and lastly the main heroine, someone with an annoying voice and see-through character, her depth is supposed to be based on how she blames herself for losing her brother, but thats the deepest her character goes, all of the other ones seemed more real, but which one does he pick, the last one. It reminds me of Toradora where I wasn't a fan of the main girl character and took a strong liking to one of the other main interests he ends up going with the main girl who I find annoying. But, anyways the characters depth and story behind them, it makes me eager to read the manga or play the game

Thanks for reading and write on my wall if you agree/disagree I'll be sure to respond. 

9/10 story
8/10 animation
7.5/10 sound
7.5/10 characters
8/10 overall
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MindlessHooligan Jul 28, 2013

That's why they put chocolate in the name I guess

Bananime Jun 1, 2013

I had high hopes for this show. the main character was a bit bearable and the plot and back drop where tolerable for todays standards. but after going from trying to be a candidate in a way too serious school presidency, to immorale student/teacher relations that ended up as a sister rivalry and a crazy ass story about how much a piece of shit their father was, all ending with a bad case of violent espionage, he still chooses the default childhood friend. and how do we find out about his choice? not by things being played out or the generic change of heart at the very end but by some guy who doesnt open his eyes while walking. in the end all that happened was that the obsticles in the way were removed for the boy to get the girl, that annoying, clingy, psychotic girl.