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Hey guys and gals! In the past, I was a mathematics major, although I am currently taking a break from college. I enjoy anime, halo, reading, heavy metal, and ballroom dancing.

Although in the end, I believe every review and rating is subjective, I like to think a little bit before I rate most of the shows I've seen, and generally try to consider several different factors, although I don't have a set formula for doing so. I enjoy discussing different viewpoints about shows I've seen, with people I've met, since I think that most people have some constructive new perspectives to contribute to my thoughts about a show, whether their opinions are positive or negative.  

I am officially looking for new anime recommendations!  I need something fantastical, engrossing,preferably (although not necessarily) dark,  something I can become fully immersed in, something that makes me appreciate it both as a work of art and as an exercise in thought. Kara no Kyoukai left a big impression on me and, in terms of anime anyways, I haven't really moved past it since I saw it years ago. I've seen comedies, romances, dramas, and even some more fantasy/horror stuff since then, but none of it really left me satisfied. I have an ever growing list of shows that I want to watch, most of which seem mildly promising, but in the end I wonder how many more of them will be disappointments! Please, if you think you have something that I might enjoy, let me know! 

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Kaorichaos says...

Haha no it wasn't tldr it just takes me a while to respond sometimes. Getting all geared up for the next semester of college. Joy. :P I start back up next week so i'm trying to get as much watching done as possible. Hmmm no i haven't heard anything about Production IG though i've found with the anime community if there's something to complain about they will. I agree with Steins;Gate, i was really looking forward to it as well but by the end i was just pissed off. Haha. I'm just finishing off Speed Grapher at the moment and while it started out with some weird type of potential it certianly has disapointed me. I think i'm starting to hate it at this point. There are some decent shows that have come out this season. Other than that I'm not really watching anything new. Just rewatching a few things. Durarara!, and Bokurano at the moment. 

Aug 28, 2013
foxhead556 says...

Hey man, its been awhile since we last talked. I just wanted to give a quick , whats up? Besides that how is life treating you? I assume good? 

Aug 26, 2013
skolnikc says...

Oh, yes, I'm afraid you're right. Hah, I've also come into contact with a lot of people who, for some debilitating reason, think they know as to what they're talking about when it comes to the regards of storytelling--when they obviously haven't put the least bit of thought into it. Don't get me wrong, to enjoy a story is completely fine, I have no problems with that; but to berate a perfectly good story simply due to it having aspects in which a person may feel uncomfortable with is completely ridiculous. I often find, in some cases, the better the story, the more some people tend to hate them--the more work an author puts into their presentations, the more some people fail to understand. Hah, I apologize if this turned into a rant, but I do feel quite strongly about the subject.

Though, I'm glad, and indefinitely respect, that you take the time to thoroughly think about what you watch. I can compare it to reading books. In a lot of cases, it's necessary to reread certain stories; if the story is felicitously written, be it an anime--book--or manga, it should be impossible to comprehend all of the aspects in which the writer had orginially put in, within the first experience of it. Yet, sadly some refuse to experience stories more than once. Oh well.

Aug 22, 2013
TheSarcasticOne says...

'Tis a good song! Also that is unfortunate but the same has been happening to me. Interesting topic, since bot Knk and Garden of Words each have a unique and amazing style of animation I can't say which is better. KnK's lighting is amazing I never get tired of that scene from Murder Study: Part 1 with the blood going down the street....man that looks awesome (I realize how psycopathic that sounded). By the way you really should join Hummingbird.

Aug 21, 2013
nallyasian says...

and about the number of times you can recount the shows i think that's great but yeah haha personally i don't have the time to go through my anime in as much detail these days ;;;;

i haven't been on anime planet in months tbh

and i noticed - you've seen a lot of anime! wow ;A; how do you find the time!

Aug 19, 2013