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Hey guys and gals! In the past, I was a mathematics major, although I am currently taking a break from college. I enjoy anime, halo, reading, heavy metal, and ballroom dancing.

Although in the end, I believe every review and rating is subjective, I like to think a little bit before I rate most of the shows I've seen, and generally try to consider several different factors, although I don't have a set formula for doing so. I enjoy discussing different viewpoints about shows I've seen, with people I've met, since I think that most people have some constructive new perspectives to contribute to my thoughts about a show, whether their opinions are positive or negative.  

I am officially looking for new anime recommendations!  I need something fantastical, engrossing,preferably (although not necessarily) dark,  something I can become fully immersed in, something that makes me appreciate it both as a work of art and as an exercise in thought. Kara no Kyoukai left a big impression on me and, in terms of anime anyways, I haven't really moved past it since I saw it years ago. I've seen comedies, romances, dramas, and even some more fantasy/horror stuff since then, but none of it really left me satisfied. I have an ever growing list of shows that I want to watch, most of which seem mildly promising, but in the end I wonder how many more of them will be disappointments! Please, if you think you have something that I might enjoy, let me know! 

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DarkEmerl123 says...

Apparently there is going to be a 25th episode released this month, and I've seen quite a lot of rumours of a second season.

Feb 4, 2011
Kico7 says...

Well, then i guess it is ok for you to watch school days..., but i have to tell you, this show really shocks...(REALLY).

If you like it try later Kimi ga nozomu eien (or rumbling hearts, i think this is the english name)

Feb 4, 2011
bunnylovesanime says...

You know you can test to find your strengths and weaknesses. It is called a skills test or an aplitutde test. It will measure your strong and weak points. I think also if you think about it you will be able to figure it out. Which comes easist to you? Which is harder for you? Are the kinda questions you should ask yourself.

As far as the grain of salt thing I am glad to hear it. One of my friends in school was majoring in engineering and having a horrible time of it. He missed the Arts. SO I recommended he go and study Art. Well needless to say he did, and his family got really upset at me for having go into something that is hard to make money in. But it was happier.

You are right you should read more but I think most people say that including me. Excluding my Mom who reads like a book or two a day with out even trying. I am currently reading two books but honestly I haven't read them since last week. I did read some Magazines. :)

Feb 4, 2011
HiroRyusaki says...

Watching all the ongoings as they interest me, Kore wa Zombie Desu ka, Freezing, Infinite Stratos, Yumekui Merry, onii-chan... and Beelzebub. Interest is in the order stated, but not that order watched. Some hilarious series though.

Feb 4, 2011
ukato says...

Hey there~

Lol, yeah i saw how you were getting bombed by comments. I was typing stuff, sent it, then decided to add something more, and BAM, there was already a new comment infront of me LOL

Guess that just goes to show how awesome you are to talk to ^.^

Yes, those shows with 24 eps etc, indeed aired over two seasons. So that would've been half a year when it was airing, since there's only one ep released a week. That's why i "need" (lol) to watch heaps of current shows in order to get my fix. That, or i could watch some older stuff, but i tend to like chasing my shows ^.^

Yeah you're absolutely right that most anisongs are really typical J-pop. But lols, i think just coz the fact that its in anime, makes me love most of them XD Wheneveri listen to them on my ipod it just reminds me of watching the show itself, and makes me happy, haha. About the Shakugan no Shana one in particular, i dunno why i like that one so much. I didnt like the show; heck i HATED it, but i just really liked the op. Actually, i watched the show BECAUSE of the op, lol. It probably was the animation timed with the song that made me love it so much.

Wait wait wait, so you're dad's job ISNT the bowling/deck hockey/golfing leagues? He just does that coz of passion? WoW he's busy. But pretty damn awesome. Sounds like a very understanding parent too. From this, i take it you're an only child (too, like me) ?

Btw, if you dont mind me asking, what sort of job does he do?

Wait, your comment on Gantz just made it seem like a bad show? Or was it just ended badly, but it raised some very interesting questions about humanity itself?

Feb 4, 2011