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Hey guys and gals! At long last, I'm finally about to finish my degree in Mathematical Sciences, which means I'll largely be absent from ap.com and anime watching this semester. But if there's something that catches your attention on my page, please feel free to message me, and I'll reply at a leisurely pace. Things to know about me?  I enjoy anime, Halo, reading, heavy metal, and ballroom dancing.

Although in the end, I believe every review and rating is subjective, I like to think a little bit before I rate most of the shows I've seen, and generally try to consider several different factors, although I don't have a set formula for doing so. I enjoy discussing different viewpoints about shows I've seen, with people I've met, since I think that most people have some constructive new perspectives to contribute to my thoughts about a show, whether their opinions are positive or negative.  

I am always looking for new anime recommendations!  I need something fantastical, engrossing,preferably (although not necessarily) dark,  something I can become fully immersed in, something that makes me appreciate it both as a work of art and as an exercise in thought. Kara no Kyoukai left a big impression on me and, in terms of anime anyways, I haven't really moved past it since I saw it years ago. I've seen comedies, romances, dramas, and even some more fantasy/horror stuff since then, but none of it really left me satisfied. I have an ever growing list of shows that I want to watch, most of which seem mildly promising, but in the end I wonder how many more of them will be disappointments! Please, if you think you have something that I might enjoy, let me know! 

Oh and, two last things. One, if I could, I would absolutely rename my "I'm not a fan of these characters" as "Wall of Hate." Thanks for encouraging me, shiftr. :p And two, what's the difference between your fancy made-to-fit background picture and mine? Mine's a screenshot. :P

First Anime:

Kiki's Delivery Service (practically had my father take this out of blockbuster every week)

Last Anime Seen: 

Attack on Titan OVA

Characteristics in anime that I have a bias towards (descending order of importance):



-Science Fiction



Studios I Love (Most of the time):


-Production I.G.



-Comix Wave

Favorite Anime-related Music Composers:

-Kenji Kawai

-Yoko Kanno

-Shiro Sagisu

-Yuki Kajiura

-Hiroyuki Sawano

Favorite VA:

Maaya Sakamoto

If I was told that only 11 anime are allowed to remain in the world, and the rest are to be thrown into the fire.... (in no particular order)

Anime-planet.com BFF's:



Foxhead 556


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shatnershaman says...

My comment was to be taken tongue in cheek lol. And blacked out panty shots are the worst kinda grr... if your wasting time on it you might as well show it. Ironically my previous avatar was from Strikes Witches an extremely ecchi show :P though I was going to change regardless of your or my comments, proving a point was just a nice bonus :P

Feb 11, 2011
captaincrunch says...

Sure we can chat, but I'll warn you I was in no way whatsoever a fan of Ga-rei Zero :)

KnK is one of my favorite series, hands down.  I loved every minute of it.

Feb 11, 2011
shatnershaman says...

When I just used the site as a stat tracker I used the same avy, but now they're like shiny new toys, that must be quickly discarded for the next :) Though I can't say I'd be bold enough to use a risque one like yours :P

Feb 11, 2011
Minai99 says...

THOSE are some very good questions, my friend. I've been waiting for someone to ask them. I actually figured that it would be you of all the people who I've met so far that would ask it like that. I'm surprised you didn't ask sooner. The show is, of course, Shikabane Hime, and the character is Makina. To be honest, I'm not really sure if she's not wearing what you think she's not wearing, or if she's doing what you think she's doing (to herself).  Could she possibly just be striking a pose? MAYBE. I don't really care, to be honest. As I mentioned at some point to someone, I think the avatar does a good job of representing the ecchi elements of the show. It was the only picture of makina that I had that had the proper pixel size at the time when I created the account, and as the months have passed, I've grown to like it more and more. Although I will probably update my profile a bit sometime in the future, I don't think that I'm going to change my avatar anytime soon.

Feb 11, 2011
shatnershaman says...

LOL, I see what you did there...

Oh and your avatar:

a) Who dat?

b) What show?

c) Is she not wearing what I think she is not and is she doing what I think she is doing?

Feb 11, 2011