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Hey guys and gals! In the past, I was a mathematics major, although I am currently taking a break from college. I enjoy anime, halo, reading, heavy metal, and ballroom dancing.

Although in the end, I believe every review and rating is subjective, I like to think a little bit before I rate most of the shows I've seen, and generally try to consider several different factors, although I don't have a set formula for doing so. I enjoy discussing different viewpoints about shows I've seen, with people I've met, since I think that most people have some constructive new perspectives to contribute to my thoughts about a show, whether their opinions are positive or negative.  

I am officially looking for new anime recommendations!  I need something fantastical, engrossing,preferably (although not necessarily) dark,  something I can become fully immersed in, something that makes me appreciate it both as a work of art and as an exercise in thought. Kara no Kyoukai left a big impression on me and, in terms of anime anyways, I haven't really moved past it since I saw it years ago. I've seen comedies, romances, dramas, and even some more fantasy/horror stuff since then, but none of it really left me satisfied. I have an ever growing list of shows that I want to watch, most of which seem mildly promising, but in the end I wonder how many more of them will be disappointments! Please, if you think you have something that I might enjoy, let me know! 

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shatnershaman says...

SH has more Yuri than Mnemosyne? You have peaked my intrest sir.

Feb 6, 2011
shatnershaman says...

Um...ok, that doesn't tell me why I should pick the show back up :P

Feb 6, 2011
shatnershaman says...

1 :) I found it slow, boring and generally unintresting. Animation didn't help either. Granted I watched the dub version, but I doubt better voice acting would make that show all of a sudden amazing.

Feb 6, 2011
shatnershaman says...

I dropped it.... Don't shoot, I beg of you!

Feb 6, 2011
ukato says...

Ah, SH = Shikabane Hime, should've known :)

Yeah, Australias getting decimated by Yasi... Poor people in Queensland, i heard something like, 1 house in 3 got owned by the cyclone. Do you happen to live there by the way? Hopefully not, in this circumstance.

About Ga Rei Zero, yeah, the first 2 eps trolled me too. Though i quite like the focus on the sisters' relationship instead, so that was a good troll. I'll say this now so you don't anticipate it too much, there's nothing more about the dudes in the first 2 eps. In fact, as far as i know, even in the original manga (since this anime was a prequel to the manga), i dont think the orange jump suit dudes showed up. At least, if they did, they werent main charas. So yeah, i tell u this now so you dont get disappointed. The show really is much more about Yomi and Kagura.

I actually read a bit of the manga, but like with most manga, i get bored coz: the pictures arent not moving, there's no voice acting, there's no background music, there's no epic OP or ED song, no preview to hype up over, no color, lol. Oh, and the story didnt feel as interesting either. So GR Zero was a really successful prequel that outdid the original manga. Wonder if that will ever get an anime itself too? I think it finished in 2008.

Btw i noticed a comment below about NGE movies. Watch them. Now. They are insanely awesome. Wait, we've had this conversation before havent we? whoops lol

Btw i picked up my 14th Current Show just yesterday. It's called Gosick and it's about a gothic loli detective, lol.

Cya later~

Feb 6, 2011