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Hey guys and gals! In the past, I was a mathematics major, although I am currently taking a break from college. I enjoy anime, halo, reading, heavy metal, and ballroom dancing.

Although in the end, I believe every review and rating is subjective, I like to think a little bit before I rate most of the shows I've seen, and generally try to consider several different factors, although I don't have a set formula for doing so. I enjoy discussing different viewpoints about shows I've seen, with people I've met, since I think that most people have some constructive new perspectives to contribute to my thoughts about a show, whether their opinions are positive or negative.  

I am officially looking for new anime recommendations!  I need something fantastical, engrossing,preferably (although not necessarily) dark,  something I can become fully immersed in, something that makes me appreciate it both as a work of art and as an exercise in thought. Kara no Kyoukai left a big impression on me and, in terms of anime anyways, I haven't really moved past it since I saw it years ago. I've seen comedies, romances, dramas, and even some more fantasy/horror stuff since then, but none of it really left me satisfied. I have an ever growing list of shows that I want to watch, most of which seem mildly promising, but in the end I wonder how many more of them will be disappointments! Please, if you think you have something that I might enjoy, let me know! 

Characteristics in anime that I have a bias towards (descending order of importance):



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shiftr says...

I noticed you gave AoT a very high rating :o

Jan 3, 2014
shiftr says...

Damn, it's been a while. lol. HI :D

Dec 26, 2013
MayaHorigome says...

The answer to your question: Yes. They need flaws, or people can't bond with them. If they have no flaws, they are called "Mary-Sue" for females and "Gary-Stu" for males. People dislike "perfect" characters

A question to you: Can you bond better with a character who has a flaw like you, or one who doesn't have any flaws?

For real people, yes, they should have flaws, but for fictional characters-that's not always the instance. Bella from Twilight is a great example of Mary-Sue. She is a human, but her flaws are so hidden, (if she even has any) that you can't see them.

But, for the last part, I would like to see the characters develop more. So far, they seem to not have developed, in both manga and anime.  Instead of being intellegient, beautiful, and a good fighter, maybe Mikasa could be more on the not so smart side, while being able to be a good fighter.  We already have Armin, who is extraordinarily smart, we don't need more characters like that.

As for Levi, I really hope they expand on his character more. He is a pretty cool character, but from the side story of his, to the regular manga, he still acts the same. Cold, seemingly like he doesn't care and whatnot. But, the Spin-Off manga only has 1-2 chapters out, so I will give that time, but it still is no excuse to have characters who seem perfect.  Isayama should have thought over what strongpoints and what flaws he wants someone to have. Not let someone else do it for you with  spin-off. But, I hope the flaws that Levi "will" have in the spin-off with be incorporated into the original story. I don't want to finish the spin off and be like "wow! such character development for Levi!" but then go back to the original manga and he is back to his cold ways with seemingly no character development.

Dec 22, 2013
MayaHorigome says...

Ah yes, the SnK review.

 I can see what you are getting at. I just don't like characters like Mikasa. Her flaws, (not just her obsession with Eren) should stand out like her strongpoints do. Her strongpoints are that she is good-looking, strong, intelligent, and well-liked. Her flaw is the obsession with Eren and the inability to think straight at times.

But, it's not just Mikasa that has that problem. Also, Levi. He is incredibly strong, good-looking, and inspiring to other characters. I can't really see Levi's flaws though. Maybe, his apathetic look? I'm not sure.  I'm basically bashing my favorite character too, so, therefore, people cannot say that I just hate Mikasa.

Like I said, Armin is a good example of a good character (somewhat). He is incredibly weak, but he makes up that flaw with being incredibly smart. He sucks at fighting, which is another flaw and the way he fears the titans could be considered a flaw. He has more flaws than everyone else, from what I could see. I'm not sure if him being cute is a strong-point, though...

In my opinion, SnK's characters are not it's strongpoint. They aren't deep characters and Isayama (the author) kills them without letting someone get attached to a character.

But, I thank you for enjoying my review =D

Dec 21, 2013
foxhead556 says...

Nope, no idea man >.> However he still hss the boss tats lol! You gonna watch the live action movie sometime? Btw dude, when is the next time your on skype, so I could answer ur question. 

Dec 5, 2013