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Sasameki Koto

Apr 11, 2012

For the most part I enjoyed it, but then for some reason they seemed to have a need to go ahead and ruin it by forgetting they were trying to tell a romantic story. Towards the end it became hard to follow through because I was seriously starting to doubt they could give it a proper finish.
And then comes the worst. They didn't.
They just give you the biggest crater of an open ending you may have seen in some time.

So, then I took a look around to find the manga and guess what? NO open ending there!
What the hell went wrong with the animation process? How could they have gotten sidetracked with random bull when the manga is big enough to provide plenty inspiration for even more episodes if they had wanted to. I really don't get it! Were they in such a hurry to get this tossed out as an anime they outran the manga?

Whatever it is they did, it just went wrong and that ruined a perfectly good story.
Yes, it may be a little sappy and we may have seen this before, but I liked the cuteness in this and at least the first half of the series had a nice flow.

Honestly I should probably rate this a lot lower, but I usually tend to rate pretty high anyway and I did still enjoy most of it.... If it had been less interesting from the start though, the points would be halved and I'd be branding this with a 4/10 at most.

Advice? I guess I will have to add another manga to my to read list... And that for somebody who hates reading... =( It's a shame I find out more and more just how much better the manga often is when compared to anime.

In any case, I cannot recommend this anime, especially if you are looking for a well put together and FINISHED story. It's just so sad, because it seemed so promising. Bummer!

6/10 story
7/10 animation
7/10 sound
6/10 characters
6/10 overall
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